Madame Caramel is going to Zurich 1st & 2nd of February

Keyholder Madame Caramel have chastity slaves all over the world. With some of them she only have online contact but she loves to look her slaves in the eyes when she closes the lock. Her Zurich chastity slave invited her to Zurich so he can beg for his release. Madame Caramel is a kind Mistress but when it comes to release you will have to do more than beg.
While she is in Zurich she will have a few sessions so if you are lucky you might be allowed to see her. Are you brave enough to give her your keys?

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Madame CaramelMadame Caramel


Review: Chastity Story by Vixen Dominatrix

I love reading chastity stories while Mistress have me locked. I like the connection I feel with the subs in a story. Most chastity stories never describes truly the feelings I have for Mistress. The complete power Mistress has over me, the will to please her is so strong in me. This is the first story where this power exchange is perfectly described. This story is completely focused on the pleasure of the Mistress, it is all about pleasing her. The slave gives his sexual pleasure, his body and mind to his Mistress, his devotion for his Mistress is complete. In return he gets the only gift he wants…

I end with a quote of this wonderful story and encourage you all to download the digital version from Amazon

Well, umm, because, Mistress, you understand me and what I need. You understand
that in order for me to be fulfilled I must focus everything on pleasing and servicing a
dominant woman. You understand that I would be utterly miserable if I didn’t have
someone like you to consume every aspect of my sexuality.

Chastity Slave



Review by chastity slave M

The Online-Chastity Mistress is a lifeline for desperate and lonely chastity subs.

Stumbling across Online-Chastity Mistress has been such an amazing surprise. I really thought I had seen all the web had to offer of chastity and keyholder sites. Each one just leaving me feeling more lonely and longing for a goddess to take control in my life.

I initially thought that this might be a website that was controlled by software, without a human element. Was I ever wrong!

The Online-Chastity Mistress will shake you out of the cocoon of your mundane routine, and start to accentuate the sensual periphery of your existence!

I took a chance and sent off an email to request an online chastity experience. Almost immediately I received a reply. The Online-Chastity Mistress was personable, straight forward, and demanding.

If you have a hard time following directions, prepare to suffer the consequences! Online-Chastity Mistress demands a high level of attention to detail, and devotion.

After revealing a bit about my desires and situation, I was given clear instructions on expected behaviour. The Online-Chastity Mistress has ways of testing your ability to follow rules. she just seems to know what is going on in our grovelling submissive brains.

Right from the beginning there was daily contact that demanded proof of devotion from showing off my desperate little clit and available toy collection


to a challenge that was a bit of a gamble – guessing how many clothespins she wanted me to decorate myself with for either reward or punishment (I got lucky, I guessed correctly!). The clothespins were a challenge that had to be fit in to the normal activities of the day… So What if you have to go to work, or have dinner with the in-laws, better find a time and way to get those clothespins on!


The anticipation of not knowing what the next day held regarding the Mistress’s demands was delicious torment! I would awake so early every morning to check for her email describing her level of satisfaction with my previous performance and detailing the next day’s challenge or task to be completed.

Although the expectations were challenging, they did have the positive side effect of improving quality of life. When made to clean house in my newly purchased panties chastity cage,



not only was I a bit humiliated, but my house was sparkling clean!

Online-Chastity Mistress will keep you locked and dripping


Using daily codes to verify your pathetic little worm remains unsatisfied!


The two weeks spent corresponding with this talented Mistress has left me in a heightened state of arousal and awareness. As much as I tried to control my impulses, I did suffer an indiscretion near the end that she almost immediately found out about and made me pay dearly in blood!


A small sacrifice for the privilege of continuing to be a devoted chastity sub to this wonderful Mistress!

Not only was my appreciation and devotion to the Mistress elevated, but devotion to all Women was demanded. Interacting with women on a daily basis with the feeling of being plugged and caged under my clothes was both humbling and highly arousing!

This amazing Mistress will push you to your limits, and give you a sample of what lies beyond. It is an erotic terrain that should be preserved as a national park for poor little chastity subs like me!

It is amazing how such an intense erotic connection can be made almost half a world apart, but the Online-Chastity Mistress handles this with ease, teasing out your deepest buried fantasies and bringing them to life with sweet devilish relish!

I look forward to bowing down before Online-Chastity Mistress for many more weeks to come of torment, arousal, and improvement!


Chastity Mistress Miss Kitty (Manchester / UK)

iss Kitty knows a loser on sight. She can tell by the way you avoid eye contact, fidget, stutter, etc. She knows She makes us weak and because of that She makes us suffer. She knows when She catches us looking at Her when we think She can’t see us but we turn away when She looks at us that She has us 100% under Her control and that we’d do any task or chore no matter how humiliating or degrading for Her just to be allowed in Her presence and nothing more. From personal experience i can tell you Miss Kitty LOVES the control She has over closet wimps, sissies and losers like us. Not only because She can use Her beauty, and our sexual inadequacy and weaknesses, against us to manipulate us into being nothing more than drooling worker bees for our Queen, but also because it gives Her endless personal amusement and satisfaction to see us toiling and suffering for Her. The way Miss Kitty likes to symbolise Her sexual power and superiority over us losers Continue


Miss Kitty


Robbert Anthony’s chastity blog

It is always beautiful to read a lifestyle chastity blog. The blog of Robbert Anthony is no exception. Read about his journey into chastity with his wife/Mistress.

There’s nothing better in this world than giving your wife/Mistress a real humdinger of an orgasm, and consequently I’m feeling pretty damned pleased with myself right now! In fact Mistress rather took me by surprise, I could tell things were progressing nicely and then all of a sudden…. BOOM!
Afterwards, Mistress gave me some lovely teasing which left me very hard and totally lifted my mood and prepared me for a long evening of family niceties…

More at Chastity femdom blog



A Male Chastity Journal

I had no idea that Lion likes to be teased almost as much as he likes to have an orgasm. I thought an orgasm was the prize. It’s true that it ends the fun, but what fun it is to get there.

Perhaps I don’t understand his love of teasing because I hate to be teased. Taking me to the edge and stopping might be grounds for divorce. Maybe not that bad, but I do hate it. I guess it’s a good thing our roles are not reversed. Since I haven’t been horny in a while, denying me wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Edging me would be a huge problem. Don’t get my engines revving if you’re going to run out of gas before we get to our destination. continue

A woman holding keys


Sissy Chastity Slave Martin

Just because he makes me laugh every time I see his pathetic pictures 🙂