Madame Caramel

Domination is an integral part of my personality and I am equally passionate about both BDSM and fetishism. I offer sessions from my London dungeon and as a professional, my expertise covers the full gamut of S&M, bondage, discipline, domination and submission. Expect intense and wicked foresight, creativity, spontaneity, suspense and thrill!

I am a sexy, sensual and totally alluring. If you like curvaceous, voluptuous women, and long to give up control to another then, you’ve followed the right path….. I am not only a professional Mistress, this is my lifestyle. There is not a submissive bone in my body and my position will never be challenged! Both the novice player through to more experienced clientèle are welcome. Your limits will be respected but I will adore pushing them once a level of trust has developed between us!

I now offer keyholding services, but not for everybody. You will have to show me that your are truly devoted and then I might consider holding your keys. Once I have them you will be mine, my plaything, my property. I might never let you go again.

Discretion is key. I am dominatrix to many influential men and I’ve never had a black mark against my name.


UK: +44 7854 763 472
Twitter: @madame__caramel
website: Madame Caramel
Movies: Madame Caramels Clips

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  3. David Ray says:

    I want to keep my cock locked up forever, unable to masterbate, cum, get hard, or fuck.

    I want someone to own my cock. I want a steel chastity lock with spikes so it hurts if I get aroused

  4. Sascha says:

    Online Training is Good for Betas

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