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The Online-Chastity Mistress is a lifeline for desperate and lonely chastity subs.

Stumbling across Online-Chastity Mistress has been such an amazing surprise. I really thought I had seen all the web had to offer of chastity and keyholder sites. Each one just leaving me feeling more lonely and longing for a goddess to take control in my life.

I initially thought that this might be a website that was controlled by software, without a human element. Was I ever wrong!

The Online-Chastity Mistress will shake you out of the cocoon of your mundane routine, and start to accentuate the sensual periphery of your existence!

I took a chance and sent off an email to request an online chastity experience. Almost immediately I received a reply. The Online-Chastity Mistress was personable, straight forward, and demanding.

If you have a hard time following directions, prepare to suffer the consequences! Online-Chastity Mistress demands a high level of attention to detail, and devotion.

After revealing a bit about my desires and situation, I was given clear instructions on expected behaviour. The Online-Chastity Mistress has ways of testing your ability to follow rules. she just seems to know what is going on in our grovelling submissive brains.

Right from the beginning there was daily contact that demanded proof of devotion from showing off my desperate little clit and available toy collection


to a challenge that was a bit of a gamble – guessing how many clothespins she wanted me to decorate myself with for either reward or punishment (I got lucky, I guessed correctly!). The clothespins were a challenge that had to be fit in to the normal activities of the day… So What if you have to go to work, or have dinner with the in-laws, better find a time and way to get those clothespins on!


The anticipation of not knowing what the next day held regarding the Mistress’s demands was delicious torment! I would awake so early every morning to check for her email describing her level of satisfaction with my previous performance and detailing the next day’s challenge or task to be completed.

Although the expectations were challenging, they did have the positive side effect of improving quality of life. When made to clean house in my newly purchased panties chastity cage,



not only was I a bit humiliated, but my house was sparkling clean!

Online-Chastity Mistress will keep you locked and dripping


Using daily codes to verify your pathetic little worm remains unsatisfied!


The two weeks spent corresponding with this talented Mistress has left me in a heightened state of arousal and awareness. As much as I tried to control my impulses, I did suffer an indiscretion near the end that she almost immediately found out about and made me pay dearly in blood!


A small sacrifice for the privilege of continuing to be a devoted chastity sub to this wonderful Mistress!

Not only was my appreciation and devotion to the Mistress elevated, but devotion to all Women was demanded. Interacting with women on a daily basis with the feeling of being plugged and caged under my clothes was both humbling and highly arousing!

This amazing Mistress will push you to your limits, and give you a sample of what lies beyond. It is an erotic terrain that should be preserved as a national park for poor little chastity subs like me!

It is amazing how such an intense erotic connection can be made almost half a world apart, but the Online-Chastity Mistress handles this with ease, teasing out your deepest buried fantasies and bringing them to life with sweet devilish relish!

I look forward to bowing down before Online-Chastity Mistress for many more weeks to come of torment, arousal, and improvement!


Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls (United States)

I am a lifestyle kinkster (that is to say that before I was a seattle dominatrix, I as interested in kink & fetish since before I knew what it meant.) I thrive on the energy produced by such intimate encounters and I find the art of seduction in kink to be utterly delectable. Most importantly, I relish the idea of getting inside the heads of my play partners and my fantasy is to become your fantasy. More things of note about me are that I’m educated, well spoken, cultured and an unabashed hedonist.

Although I am young, I have been told that I am wise beyond my years; I speak with experience and knowledge, I am well versed in many complex subjects (business management, the art of shibari, hypnosis and the workings on the human mind to name a few) and I truly respect other people’s rights, opinions and livelihoods. In other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find another young 20-something woman quite like me.

I you can’t visit me in Seattle I offer many online services, my absolute favourite is keyholding. So contact me now and before you now it your keys are safe with me for a very long time.

Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls


Definition of Keyholder

The oxford dictionary:

A person who is entrusted with keeping a key to commercial or industrial premises.

There should be a little change, it is not only commercial and premises should be possessions and person should be female.

A beautiful female who is entrusted with keeping a key to something a man can’t control.

You see even the most renowned dictionary can have it wrong. Don’t forget Mistress is always right.


female keyholder


Review: Online Chastity Service

Well this was my first time in chastity. After a long time of wanting it and not sure how to go about it, I order a device for myself. Only to learn later it wasn’t one of the better ones on the market but will do the trick. After some searching around and not being able to find a key holder I came across Online Chastity and decided to give this a try. After signing up for a 7 day locking, I wasn’t sure how long I should try as they do have various agreements depending on what you are looking for, I received a response with directions to when and how start my locking period. I was nervous and excited balled into one. The week was fun, frustrating and exciting. I couldn’t believe how Online Chastity was gaining control over me and the mind games they were playing. It has completely changed me. The experience I got from Online Chastity went above and beyond my expectations. Needless to say I have ordered a better device, a Bon4 which they sell on their site. The day it arrives in the mail I will be emailing Online Chastity Mistress for a longer term. I plan on using this site often in the coming future. So guys if you don’t have a key holder, email them now. You won’t be disappointed but you will be frustrated..haha!

Thanks again Online Chastity Mistress!



Chastity Slave: Edward Cantor

edwardMy Chastity

It has been about one year and eight and a half months since I first corresponded with my Queen, known on twitter as QueenKittyOwnsU. My attraction to her was immediate.

This was online so all I knew of her, beyond what a small avatar icon would show me about the way she looked, was communicated through her words, her tone, her reactions to situations and people that were put in front of her. I was hooked, very quickly. She was (and is) joyful, playful, wicked, imaginative and keenly aware of what pleases her.

She was not a full time Domme as she is now. She was a working woman who seemed to enjoy tormenting her work supervisors with the amount of cleavage she enjoyed exposing with her clothing choices.

The first day that I got a chance to interact with her, I sent her some of my erotic writing.

The second day, I was binding my cock and balls for her in royalty-themed situations that she called for, as she wanted to be amused. I still blush when I see that photo — I’m very tightly tied and there’s a pink paper crown that bears her name perched upon my gleaming cock head.

Later that same day I was wrapped and bound in elastic bands, clamped with alligator clamps, my balls painted pink, with her name written upon me. These photos were a gift to her and she made the choice to post some on her twitter feed, giving me a rush I’d not experienced before in online service.

Either that same day or the next, I also began to write original fiction for her.

It was absolutely the next day when she first exerted control over my orgasms, allowing me one as long as I completely consumed my own resulting cum. Of course I complied.

There is quite a bit of physical distance between us, so I am not able to serve my Queen in person, though I ache to and dream of such a gift regularly.

The ways I can serve her are limited by his distance and some of the frustrating realities of so-called “real life” but there are a few ways in which she has allowed me to please and amuse her.

I keep a blog of my stories that are inspired by and writing for her – found at – I hope that you find a moment to have a look and perhaps share a comment on some bit that you enjoy.

I am regularly commanded into varying forms of cock and ball torture or restraint — often with a “office” theme as when she really enjoys tormenting me that way is when I am working late. This is a chastity web site, so I won’t go into details about how I’ve been harnessed, bound, trussed up and tormented.

So, besides writing fiction and commanded bondage, what my Queen really has enjoyed demanding of me is chastity. I’ve said already that she knows what she likes, and what she likes is the erotic suffering of those that serve her.

She isn’t the kind of give me challenges to meet or milestones to work toward. She doesn’t ask me to beg for release or make promises of gifts or service. No, what she wants is me to ache. She wants me to suffer. She wants my balls blue and full and throbbing. She wants me to have the desire to cum and the desire to please her on my mind every single day.

I’ve had a number of long periods of chastity for my Queen since she took control of me and made me hers. None have been as long as the streak I’m currently on — now at 185 days, or over half a year. She hasn’t asked me to complete any particular task for release, and she pays no attention at big round numbers, other than to laugh.

I don’t get to be with my Queen. I don’t get to be the one bound at her feet or licking her boots or being put into humiliating outfits. I don’t get to be the controlled slave in a leather hood in her online videos. I don’t get to be the man with tears welling in his eyes the first time he has to take another man’s cock in his mouth.

How I get to serve is to ache for her. I get to throb. I get to feel how humiliatingly quickly I get hard when she has me edge for her. I get to walk a bit funny the day after she’s had me spanking my bound balls. Chastity is the gift she gives me.

I don’t know how long I’ll be aching, this time or the next time, but I’m thankful for each and every day.

Edward Cantor


Write for me!

I am always looking for new tasks for my chastity boys. I love this one, show your devotion by writing lines for me.
I tried it and did it 6 minutes, 7 seconds that is of course a terrible time.
Show you devotion and have the fastest time!

I deserve to be on the top of the list, so keep on typing until I am:


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Captain Vanity is an all natural 36DDD mixed domme who is travelling all over the south visiting places like south carolina, georgia, florida, and north carolina.

She likes having her boys locked-up so she started collecting keys during her travels. The ultimate goal is to have a chastity slave in all states. So have a session while she visit your area and give her your keys.

More information on her website: Captain Vanity

Captain Vanity


Chastity Story: The vault part 5

Those words echoed in my head again and again. Why did she say that to me? Could she possibly have meant it the way I hoped? No, Dan, get that out of your head. But, I just couldn’t.

Every time I thought about Tiffany, I would have pit in my stomach. I would feel nervous and excited. Were we on the precipice of something? I would be so happy with her and I would do whatever I could to make her happy. The idea of making her smile would be nothing but pure joy. But. But, she is married and spurned my advances when I had the chance. Even now, with all that was going on between us, she was trying to connect me with another woman. Those thoughts, or realizations, would send me into a feeling of helpless despair. All of these conflicting emotions were causing an internal turmoil unlike anything I had experienced before.
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