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It is always beautiful to read a lifestyle chastity blog. The blog of Robbert Anthony is no exception. Read about his journey into chastity with his wife/Mistress.

There’s nothing better in this world than giving your wife/Mistress a real humdinger of an orgasm, and consequently I’m feeling pretty damned pleased with myself right now! In fact Mistress rather took me by surprise, I could tell things were progressing nicely and then all of a sudden…. BOOM!
Afterwards, Mistress gave me some lovely teasing which left me very hard and totally lifted my mood and prepared me for a long evening of family niceties…

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Chastity Slave: Edward Cantor

edwardMy Chastity

It has been about one year and eight and a half months since I first corresponded with my Queen, known on twitter as QueenKittyOwnsU. My attraction to her was immediate.

This was online so all I knew of her, beyond what a small avatar icon would show me about the way she looked, was communicated through her words, her tone, her reactions to situations and people that were put in front of her. I was hooked, very quickly. She was (and is) joyful, playful, wicked, imaginative and keenly aware of what pleases her.

She was not a full time Domme as she is now. She was a working woman who seemed to enjoy tormenting her work supervisors with the amount of cleavage she enjoyed exposing with her clothing choices.

The first day that I got a chance to interact with her, I sent her some of my erotic writing.

The second day, I was binding my cock and balls for her in royalty-themed situations that she called for, as she wanted to be amused. I still blush when I see that photo — I’m very tightly tied and there’s a pink paper crown that bears her name perched upon my gleaming cock head.

Later that same day I was wrapped and bound in elastic bands, clamped with alligator clamps, my balls painted pink, with her name written upon me. These photos were a gift to her and she made the choice to post some on her twitter feed, giving me a rush I’d not experienced before in online service.

Either that same day or the next, I also began to write original fiction for her.

It was absolutely the next day when she first exerted control over my orgasms, allowing me one as long as I completely consumed my own resulting cum. Of course I complied.

There is quite a bit of physical distance between us, so I am not able to serve my Queen in person, though I ache to and dream of such a gift regularly.

The ways I can serve her are limited by his distance and some of the frustrating realities of so-called “real life” but there are a few ways in which she has allowed me to please and amuse her.

I keep a blog of my stories that are inspired by and writing for her – found at – I hope that you find a moment to have a look and perhaps share a comment on some bit that you enjoy.

I am regularly commanded into varying forms of cock and ball torture or restraint — often with a “office” theme as when she really enjoys tormenting me that way is when I am working late. This is a chastity web site, so I won’t go into details about how I’ve been harnessed, bound, trussed up and tormented.

So, besides writing fiction and commanded bondage, what my Queen really has enjoyed demanding of me is chastity. I’ve said already that she knows what she likes, and what she likes is the erotic suffering of those that serve her.

She isn’t the kind of give me challenges to meet or milestones to work toward. She doesn’t ask me to beg for release or make promises of gifts or service. No, what she wants is me to ache. She wants me to suffer. She wants my balls blue and full and throbbing. She wants me to have the desire to cum and the desire to please her on my mind every single day.

I’ve had a number of long periods of chastity for my Queen since she took control of me and made me hers. None have been as long as the streak I’m currently on — now at 185 days, or over half a year. She hasn’t asked me to complete any particular task for release, and she pays no attention at big round numbers, other than to laugh.

I don’t get to be with my Queen. I don’t get to be the one bound at her feet or licking her boots or being put into humiliating outfits. I don’t get to be the controlled slave in a leather hood in her online videos. I don’t get to be the man with tears welling in his eyes the first time he has to take another man’s cock in his mouth.

How I get to serve is to ache for her. I get to throb. I get to feel how humiliatingly quickly I get hard when she has me edge for her. I get to walk a bit funny the day after she’s had me spanking my bound balls. Chastity is the gift she gives me.

I don’t know how long I’ll be aching, this time or the next time, but I’m thankful for each and every day.

Edward Cantor