Chastity Mistress Miss Kitty (Manchester / UK)

iss Kitty knows a loser on sight. She can tell by the way you avoid eye contact, fidget, stutter, etc. She knows She makes us weak and because of that She makes us suffer. She knows when She catches us looking at Her when we think She can’t see us but we turn away when She looks at us that She has us 100% under Her control and that we’d do any task or chore no matter how humiliating or degrading for Her just to be allowed in Her presence and nothing more. From personal experience i can tell you Miss Kitty LOVES the control She has over closet wimps, sissies and losers like us. Not only because She can use Her beauty, and our sexual inadequacy and weaknesses, against us to manipulate us into being nothing more than drooling worker bees for our Queen, but also because it gives Her endless personal amusement and satisfaction to see us toiling and suffering for Her. The way Miss Kitty likes to symbolise Her sexual power and superiority over us losers Continue


Miss Kitty


Saturday 14th June – Private After Party at HDS

If you are attending the Erotic Art Collective exhibition on Saturday 14th June. There will be a chance to join a Private After Party at Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

The suite is a five minute walk away from the exhibition venue, in Hoxton.

HDS parties are always great fun and play is optional. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun play is always the theme of the night





This is a unique opportunity to watch Dominants and their submissives at play and even join in if you feel the urge.
It is also a great chance to have look around one of the finest dungeons in London.
Tickets for the after party are limited to just 20 and can only be bought at the exhibition
Tickets cost £20 to cover wine, beer & nibbles.

There are only 20 tickets available so to reserve yours send an email to

Rules of the play party

  • Use your common sense
  • Don’t touch without permission.
  • Don’t assume things. Someone maybe submissive but that doesn’t mean that they will be submissive to you.
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • No means no.
  • All play must be consensual and sane.

Erotic Art Collective Presents Paul Oughton (Hoxton/London)

BDSM and art have always walked hand in hand and with this in mind Madame Caramel created the Erotic Art Collective. The aim of this unique collective is to provide an exclusive, creative space for international artists who work within the erotic, BDSM and fetish realms. Events will include: book launches, art and photography exhibitions, performance, workshops and more.

On the 14th June the Erotic Art Collective is proud to present a Paul Oughton at the 100 Years Gallery in Hoxton. The theme of the night is Love and Rope. The venue has a bar and there will be nibbles available.

The event will take place from 7:30pm and is free entry

Paul Oughton is a self taught artist. He started to paint three years ago as a hobby in his spare time and just enjoyed splashing paint around a canvas to see what became of it. It was fun and people who saw what he was doing offered encouragement through playful banter. Paul gradually became more immersed in his new hobby and began to research known artists from the Old Masters to the Impressionists in a bid to learn about the fundamentals of painting. Practice began to yield results and Paul began to look at everything through a different set of eyes, watching for differences in colour, light and form in everything he saw. Copying some of the Impressionist’s works gave him valuable lessons from which to improve early efforts into simple pictures that people wanted to buy.

In 2013 Paul had lots of small pictures lying around and he realised he needed to get rid of them to make room for more worthy efforts so he took a Sunday market stall near Newcastle Upon Tyne close to his home and was soon selling pictures on a regular basis. Encouraged by sales and favourable comments Paul became more serious about his painting but time was limited by having to hold down a full time job. However, his work continued to sell from repeat customers and through local galleries throughout the North East. A series of acrylic paintings of Venice sold well and Paul’s reputation began to grow.

 Paul Oughton

In January 2014 it was suggested to Paul that he may wish to paint a totally new genre of pictures, that of erotic art. The subject of Fetish and BDSM was mentioned and research began into what Paul describes as “More interesting than painting water lilies and canals ! ” The result is a beautiful series of paintings showing the female Dominatrix at play and Shibari as an art form. Paul now works on a part time basis so that he can devote more time to painting and, eventually, become a full time professional artist. None of the paintings are explicit in their content but do stir the imagination of the viewer engaging them in their own narrative.

 Paul Oughton

Madame Caramel will be co-hosting this event with Miss Deviant . Paul will be offering the chance not only to buy his paintings on the night but also an opportunity to commission a custom piece. He will be offering discounts to those who are able to pay a deposit on the night.

You can follow Paul on Twitter

Please tell share this post and tell your friends about this amazing event.


Chastity Mistress Foxx (United Kingdom)

my first time in chastity with Mistress Foxx. When i first opened the box i was excited, spent a bit of time working out what all the parts did and roughly sizing myself up. An hour later i decided that it was time, i cleaned up and applied a little lube then for the life of me couldn’t get myself to fit in the tube, i was so hard and so excited it took me over half an hour to get the tube fully home, i fitted the rest of the bits then locked in. At first it was quite exciting wearing it but the novelty soon wore off when i realised that was me, no masturbation until Mistress Foxx allowed me free. Later that night mistress Foxx decided my fate with a few simple bits of paper in a bowl from which i had to pick numbers for the timescale i would be locked in for. my fate ended up at 48 hours, i was excited with the prospect of now being at Mistress’s mercy. Shortly after i went to bed thinking i would get a great nights sleep.

Mistress Foxx


Keyholder Madame Caramel (United Kingdom)

If you are looking for something more than our online chastity service. Stop looking and contact Madame Caramel. She is an experienced professional dominatrix and has the gift to see right in your soul to discover your deepest desires. She knows you need to be locked and denied. It is the only way you can live your life. You are lucky slave boy, she has an empty cage available with your name on it. Apply now and maybe if you have enough to offer you will be her next slave in chastity.

Madame Caramel


Chastity Mistress: Buffy Brown (United Kingdom)


I feel each and every one of my submissives and slaves are a gift to be treasured. Each of you is unique and special, and it is my task – and joy – to train you, torment you, punish you, and praise you. It is My Preference to build you up rather than tear you down. Think of yourself as my possession; why would I want to keep a useless toy? Rather, I want to nurture you to help you develop, to grow within your service to me, and become the best slave, toy, pet, or sub you can be. In this way, you become more valuable, and much more prized. I genuinely care for all the slaves and subs that come to see me. I won’t scream and shout at you but I will guide you gently but firmly to grow both as a person and as a submissive, and in your service to me. It isn’t simply about a one-hour session but about the building of a relationship between Mistress and miscreant. I often use chastity in my training.  Visit my website and request a session.

medical chastity chastity latex


Chastity Mistress Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

I love to control subs in all ways and chastity is the ideal way to do so if you can’t come to see me regularly but still want to serve me. I offer a key holding service for chastity control. The tribute for this is £50 per month. You will be locked in to your belt and required to sign a chastity contract stating how long you will be locked up and when you will go on web cam or come and see me etc. Once done you will surrender the keys to me and I will take control of your penis at all times. You will need to purchase yourself a chastity device. They come in various shapes and sizes. You could choose a silicon belt, a plastic belt or perhaps try a metal cage as they are even more secure. Once you order your chastity device (or if you already have one of your own), you will be required to request and sign one of my chastity contracts. Chastity will start as soon as you are locked into your device, and my amusement and pleasure at your torment will begin. Chastity is one of my favourite methods of torment and control. It is one form of BDSM that I have enjoyed for many years. There is no slave more devoted than a frustrated slave. Once submitted to Me your devotion to me will only grow, even if your pathetic little dick won’t.

Mistress Elizabeth

Mistress Elizabeth


Keyholder: Mistress Esme

Mistress EsmeWe have a new official keyholder on the website: Mistress Esme.

She is not just any Mistress, she is a beautiful black Dominatrix based in London and has many years of experience as a pro Domme. She can read you as a book and will learn and exploit your deepest secrets in no time.

Mistress Esme loves a slave in chastity, if gives them focus, there mind completely consumed with just one thought; how can I please my Mistress.

So visit her profile and apply for her chastity service.



Chastity Mistress Madame Caramel

The beautiful Madame Caramel has her own way to make her chastity slave frustrated. Captured close her holy shrine, the slave is in heaven. But of course he will never  have more. His dick is now owned by his Mistress, Madame Caramel.

Madame Caramel

Please visit her profile Madame Caramel or few the complete clip.

Chastity Mistress


Mistress Nadine (United Kingdom)

Mistress Nadine offers two services regarding chastity. Chastity can be used during the session … where a CB3000 or metal chastity belt will be fitted … and training on denial will begin. The second chastity option is where a key holding service is available for those lucky slaves who wish to let me decide when they can /cannot play, and where my control is paramount. If You will enter into an agreement, which will include a bond, for a period which can be renegotiated at any time.

Mistress will hold the keys to your sexual gratification, Mistress will control when and where… Total control 24/7, my Total Control. If you do not have a device… then I may take you shopping to purchase one … or order you to do this.

More information on her website.

Mistress Nadine&mbsp;Mistress Nadine