A Male Chastity Journal

I had no idea that Lion likes to be teased almost as much as he likes to have an orgasm. I thought an orgasm was the prize. It’s true that it ends the fun, but what fun it is to get there.

Perhaps I don’t understand his love of teasing because I hate to be teased. Taking me to the edge and stopping might be grounds for divorce. Maybe not that bad, but I do hate it. I guess it’s a good thing our roles are not reversed. Since I haven’t been horny in a while, denying me wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Edging me would be a huge problem. Don’t get my engines revving if you’re going to run out of gas before we get to our destination. continue

A woman holding keys


Definition of Keyholder

The oxford dictionary:

A person who is entrusted with keeping a key to commercial or industrial premises.

There should be a little change, it is not only commercial and premises should be possessions and person should be female.

A beautiful female who is entrusted with keeping a key to something a man can’t control.

You see even the most renowned dictionary can have it wrong. Don’t forget Mistress is always right.


female keyholder


Lady Azelle (Canada)

I don’t offer keyholding services for slaves that are not My property. I do enjoy incorporating chastity and keyholding into the ownership for those able to participate. The frequency of ‘release’ will be agreed upon and placed into the contract. If you break the chastity portion of the contract, there will be a substantial (again, agreed upon) penalty to pay to compensate for your transgression. You can also expect to be punished at My hands for your disobedience.

I have a highly effective system for key transferral that allows even My long distance slaves the opportunity to unlock themselves at the predetermined time, and then lock themselves back up again with a new key available for their next release. Not to worry, I’m able to tell if the key has been tampered with (this is something we will discuss further).

Lady AzelleLady Azelle


Chastity Story: The vault part 5

Those words echoed in my head again and again. Why did she say that to me? Could she possibly have meant it the way I hoped? No, Dan, get that out of your head. But, I just couldn’t.

Every time I thought about Tiffany, I would have pit in my stomach. I would feel nervous and excited. Were we on the precipice of something? I would be so happy with her and I would do whatever I could to make her happy. The idea of making her smile would be nothing but pure joy. But. But, she is married and spurned my advances when I had the chance. Even now, with all that was going on between us, she was trying to connect me with another woman. Those thoughts, or realizations, would send me into a feeling of helpless despair. All of these conflicting emotions were causing an internal turmoil unlike anything I had experienced before.
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