Locked in Lust – The Vice

I love new chastity devices and when I saw the posts for The Vice I was immediately intrigued. After chatting with the maker he offered me a device to try.I asked it to be send directly to my chastity boy in Holland, that was not a problem. I told him a surprise was coming for him, luckily he was train well enough not to ask for more details. He is very experienced with chastity for the last 5 years he spend more time locked than free. Because he travels a lot, I always go for a plastic device to avoid airport situations. Am I not a kind Mistress?

A week later my boy send me a picture with the device. He was locked in his cb6000 and I allowed him to give The Vice a try. He is a grower but he also likes a close fit, so he went for the smaller bits first. What makes The Vice special is the anti pullout system. I trust my boy but he can be annoying after a few months in chastity. If this works it would put my mind to rest that there is no way for him to cum unless I allow it, just as we agreed on.

Two days later him complained about sensitivity. I ordered him to remove the chastity device and make some pictures. It looked a bit red but nothing to bad. I think he was just a big baby. He was allowed to sleep without the device. The next morning he was locked again and he used the larger rings now. That was the solution because he didn’t complain after that.

For the anti pullout to fully work you need to be locked for a few days. I think you need have a hard-on a few times so your cock is deep in the cage. After a week I asked him to try to pull it out. But there was no movement at all, now why his little clit was coming out. I was happy. That weekend he traveled to me. The few metal parts in the device didn’t matter for the security check, so that is good to know.

When he arrived I immediately let him drop his pants so I could have a good look. The device looked beautiful around my owned cock. I try to pull it out, but there was just no way. Because he was such a good boy, I allowed him to remove the device and to cum while he kissed my feet. It only took 30 seconds 🙂 Before he traveled back to Holland I of course locked him again. It is now 3 weeks ago and he never begged so much to be released. I am seriously wondering if he was cheating with his old devices. At least now I know for sure. I am a happy keyholder thanks to The Vice.

You can buy The Vice here and you get 20$ discount if you use the code “ONLINECHASTITY”


Review: Birdlocked neo

Mistress told me a new chastity device was going to arrive for me. I was worried what she picked out, you never know with her. The doorbell went and there was a package for me from Switzerland. I immediately opened it and there was a little bird smiling at me. bird2

I called Mistress and she said I have to put it on for 48h and then write about it for her.

The device looked small, specially the tube was smaller then anything I tried before. It was a bit oddly shaped but here goes.
It was difficult to get my balls through but now I understood the shape, it was difficult to get in, but it is even more difficult to get them out. I could only get the head of my penis in the tube. It wouldn’t go any further, now the plastic band. That was easy, nothing to loop through, just put it on. There is a good quality brass lock in the package so click and I was locked.
It didn’t felt good, my balls are dark purple and my penis hurts. But Mistress said 48h so I will manage that.

After 2 hours, I needed to go pee. I noticed my penis slipped in the tube completely now, balls are back to there normal colour so all good. Actually it all feels comfortable and secure. Bed time, I always sleep naked while I am locked so I can move the cage around easily.
Of course at 4 am I woke up in pain, morning wood time. The cage kept everything nice and tight together. It hurts but not more then any other device. This is suffering for Mistress.

In the morning, I tried to get out without using the key. Because everything is so tight together so I couldn’t get my penis out of the tube. The shape of the cage prevented my balls from going back. So for me this is a secure device. But I am sure some of you with smaller dicks are a higher pain tolerance will be able to get out. Chastity is also about trust and not touching your Mistress property.
After 48h I was aloud out and I am sure Mistress will lock me for a long period in this very soon.
I was very sceptic at the beginning, but at the end it is a secure comfortable device, that I definitely would recommend.

As always buy your device directly from the manufacturers so you are sure you get the real deal and not a fake Chinese device.


New Chastity Device in the shop “Tight Squeeze”

Our latest chastity belt has arrive. It is tight, small and made of stainless steel. Because of the way the ring works it can be very small and therefore impossible to escape. This device is for long term wear, it is easy to clean impossible to escape and it will stop even the smallest hint of an erection. The perfect gift for your Mistress so she can be sure you are a good boy.

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Chastity Device


BON4M Stainless Steel Chastity Device

For those who would like a real serious male chastity device we have designed the BON4M and the BON4Msmall.
A special design produced in rust free stainless steel which has been tested and is very secure.
The polished stainless steel chastity cage comes in two different sizes each with 4 different sizes of stainless steel hinged back rings.
The BON4M is designed as a Medium/Large sized chastity device while the BON4small is more a Small/Medium sized chastity device.