Most expensive chastity belt ever!

chastityIn 2002, South African goldsmith and jeweler Uwe Koetter created this $20,000 gold, pearl, and diamond encrusted chastity belt for a British client from Cape Town. It’s our best guess that the client was a male, because there’s no way a woman would ever buy this for herself… surely?

The chastity belt dates back to the Renaissance era, as a means to keep a lady faithful by putting her privates under lock and key. The original iron chastity belts were prone to problems, though: If the woman didn’t have the appropriate cloth padding between herself and the metal frame, she could fall victim to lead poisoning and, in some cases, death. Ouch. The pricey recreation of such an item is, thus, at best questionable… But it probably makes for a good conversation piece.


Review: Birdlocked neo

Mistress told me a new chastity device was going to arrive for me. I was worried what she picked out, you never know with her. The doorbell went and there was a package for me from Switzerland. I immediately opened it and there was a little bird smiling at me. bird2

I called Mistress and she said I have to put it on for 48h and then write about it for her.

The device looked small, specially the tube was smaller then anything I tried before. It was a bit oddly shaped but here goes.
It was difficult to get my balls through but now I understood the shape, it was difficult to get in, but it is even more difficult to get them out. I could only get the head of my penis in the tube. It wouldn’t go any further, now the plastic band. That was easy, nothing to loop through, just put it on. There is a good quality brass lock in the package so click and I was locked.
It didn’t felt good, my balls are dark purple and my penis hurts. But Mistress said 48h so I will manage that.

After 2 hours, I needed to go pee. I noticed my penis slipped in the tube completely now, balls are back to there normal colour so all good. Actually it all feels comfortable and secure. Bed time, I always sleep naked while I am locked so I can move the cage around easily.
Of course at 4 am I woke up in pain, morning wood time. The cage kept everything nice and tight together. It hurts but not more then any other device. This is suffering for Mistress.

In the morning, I tried to get out without using the key. Because everything is so tight together so I couldn’t get my penis out of the tube. The shape of the cage prevented my balls from going back. So for me this is a secure device. But I am sure some of you with smaller dicks are a higher pain tolerance will be able to get out. Chastity is also about trust and not touching your Mistress property.
After 48h I was aloud out and I am sure Mistress will lock me for a long period in this very soon.
I was very sceptic at the beginning, but at the end it is a secure comfortable device, that I definitely would recommend.

As always buy your device directly from the manufacturers so you are sure you get the real deal and not a fake Chinese device.


Sissy Martina

Just because she looks so good 🙂 Look at the daily code she made it just now.

But next time I want you completely shaven, a good sissy doesn’t have hair on her pussy or clit.


Top ten tips for long term male chastity device wear

Baby oil

The single most difficult part of wearing the CB-3000 for me (and I imagine this would be the case for most trapped-ball devices), is the soreness it causes on my scrotum when I get involuntary erections at night. It’s a catch-22 because the device is designed not to let me orgasm and so I get hornier, which causes more involuntary erections which causes more soreness. When it’s real bad my ball sack gets red and painful and it becomes difficult to sleep comfortably because every way I turn I feel it being stretched.

It took a while to figure this out, but I realized that one of the most effective solutions is simply to rub a bit of baby oil or other absorbent cream (NOT LUBE! An exception is a thicker, water-based lube such as Babelube; just a little bit works like baby oil but stays on the skin longer. Thinner lubes like Astroglide that contain glycerin are too sticky for my tastes.) on the sore areas. In fact, doing this before bed (and after a cleaning) can even help prevent the soreness throughout the night. It works by helping the so-called A-ring (the cock-ring portion of the trapped ball device) slide more easily away from the body. If you’ve sized the device correctly, the ring is still snug enough that your testicles won’t be able to slip through, but when they get stretched due to your nightly erections (and they will), the ring won’t scrape your scrotum.

Note that doing this for your penis by placing baby oil or other moisturizers inside the tube portion of the device is a very bad idea. See tip number 1, above, for why.

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Assignment during chastity training

This morning was interesting. I slept in my panties which of course had me struggling to get hard all night. I got my small plug and lube beside the bed ready to this morning. I slowly took my time playing with it on my ass. As I relaxed more and more It went a little deeper. Eventually I was so horny for anything I pushed myself all the way on it. It is bigger than my toy. When the large part just passed through my checks clenched pulling it in so deep it drove me crazy. It felt so good and I felt so full . My cock so tried to get hard and this cage tighten and it really pulls on you balls, I was getting my frustrated and filled with desire to come by the second. I kept applying lube until it really started sliding in and out, I kept this going slowly for while. It was confusing wanting to get an erection and stroke but can’t but this was feeling so good. I was losing it.

It started to feel like I was going to pee or cum, I wasn’t sure. After a while I was well relaxed, the plug was sliding easily and I covered in lube I set my timer on my phone for the final one minute. I wanted to come so bad I thought I may, I fuck myself real fast as I was losing mind in pleasure and frustration. When the time went off I scream and wanted to cry. I was feeling so good and somehow I thought I would come. I didn’t realize but I was spilling a little but because of my foreskin it stayed inside. I didn’t realize until I stood up to go wash up I notice come slide out on the cloth. I tried grabbing my camera and getting it but it absorb into it and I only got it on the towel as it was drying. I have never been so blue balled on in my life. I want to get hard and feel my cock so bad. This is crazy.

You really put over the edge this morning with that Mistress. Tuesday can’t get here fast enough, lets hope I can get a reason good enough for release before I get locked back up again. This training set should get interesting.

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chastity slave


German Quality Chastity Belt – latowski

The Belt:

spritzeProtected from any access, penis and testicles are located in inlaying dedicated chambers made of high quality silicone rubber which surface feels like natural skin and does not leave any pressure marks. This chamber is divided into two sections where the penis and testicles are separately housed. The penis tube has the shape of a downward bended penis and to facilitate putting it on, we recommend, treating the chamber with standard water-based lubricants.
If you then glide into it, you feel like caught in a female vagina.

schlossNeuAufTo put the belt on is best done in a standing position with slightly spread legs. The hinge section is placed under the crotch and the front and rear sections are pressed together until pins are engaged so the entire abdomen is enclosed. With the belt unlocked, the pins on each side can be adjusted to allow for changes in the body shape. The locking of the padlocks is easier when you are sitting or lying.

Buy it directly from the website, you will have your sub locked in only a few weeks.