Keyholder service by Locked in Lust

The Vice is the most secure ball trapped chastity device of the moment. It is not easy to stay locked when you have no keyholder.
Locked in Lust now has the perfect solution for the problem. Buy your new chastity device with the keyholder service. They will send the key separate from the lock.
When the device arrives you lock yourself and after that you have to wait everyday near the door till the postman arrives as a good little puppy.
Will your key be in the mail today?

You can buy The Vice here and you get 20$ discount if you use the code “ONLINECHASTITY”



Madame Caramel Dubai Chastity Lock-up

Lifestyle Mistress and official keyholder Madame Caramel spent her time between London and the Middle East. Being trained as a slave by one of the most beautiful ebony Mistresses is a real treat. She loves her whip and her strap-ons are getting bigger every month but she has a special soft spot for slaves in chastity. Seeing the desire in there eyes when she teases them, listening to the begging the promises to do anything for her that is the moment she knows that she truly owns a slave.

Madame Caramel is in Dubai right now and has several chastity devices for sale. Of course she will keep the keys in a very safe spot so you don’t loose them. But you can suck her big black cock so your are fully trained for the real deal.

If you are in Dubai contact her at: +971556795335 or

If you are not you can watch some chastity clips and dream about the moment Mistress locks you too.


Locked in Lust – The Vice

I love new chastity devices and when I saw the posts for The Vice I was immediately intrigued. After chatting with the maker he offered me a device to try.I asked it to be send directly to my chastity boy in Holland, that was not a problem. I told him a surprise was coming for him, luckily he was train well enough not to ask for more details. He is very experienced with chastity for the last 5 years he spend more time locked than free. Because he travels a lot, I always go for a plastic device to avoid airport situations. Am I not a kind Mistress?

A week later my boy send me a picture with the device. He was locked in his cb6000 and I allowed him to give The Vice a try. He is a grower but he also likes a close fit, so he went for the smaller bits first. What makes The Vice special is the anti pullout system. I trust my boy but he can be annoying after a few months in chastity. If this works it would put my mind to rest that there is no way for him to cum unless I allow it, just as we agreed on.

Two days later him complained about sensitivity. I ordered him to remove the chastity device and make some pictures. It looked a bit red but nothing to bad. I think he was just a big baby. He was allowed to sleep without the device. The next morning he was locked again and he used the larger rings now. That was the solution because he didn’t complain after that.

For the anti pullout to fully work you need to be locked for a few days. I think you need have a hard-on a few times so your cock is deep in the cage. After a week I asked him to try to pull it out. But there was no movement at all, now why his little clit was coming out. I was happy. That weekend he traveled to me. The few metal parts in the device didn’t matter for the security check, so that is good to know.

When he arrived I immediately let him drop his pants so I could have a good look. The device looked beautiful around my owned cock. I try to pull it out, but there was just no way. Because he was such a good boy, I allowed him to remove the device and to cum while he kissed my feet. It only took 30 seconds 🙂 Before he traveled back to Holland I of course locked him again. It is now 3 weeks ago and he never begged so much to be released. I am seriously wondering if he was cheating with his old devices. At least now I know for sure. I am a happy keyholder thanks to The Vice.

You can buy The Vice here and you get 20$ discount if you use the code “ONLINECHASTITY”


Chastity by an Ebony Mistress

I know you have been fantasizing about being in chastity for a beautiful black ebony Mistress.
You are to weak to apply for the real deal. But you are in luck, have lots of chastity clips on their site.
So become a member today a wank while you can.


Femdom Ball 2016 – London (UK)

On October 8th the second Femdom Ball will take place in London. It is the celebration of female supremacy dressed in Gala the Mistresses look amazing. So many of our keyholders will attend this amazing event. Because nobody want to miss this great event, the normal tickets are already sold out. But don’t worry there are still late arrival tickets available. Many Mistresses havve their ticket reserved but are looking for a slave to sponsor. So buy your ticket and give your chastity keys in person!


Most expensive chastity belt ever!

chastityIn 2002, South African goldsmith and jeweler Uwe Koetter created this $20,000 gold, pearl, and diamond encrusted chastity belt for a British client from Cape Town. It’s our best guess that the client was a male, because there’s no way a woman would ever buy this for herself… surely?

The chastity belt dates back to the Renaissance era, as a means to keep a lady faithful by putting her privates under lock and key. The original iron chastity belts were prone to problems, though: If the woman didn’t have the appropriate cloth padding between herself and the metal frame, she could fall victim to lead poisoning and, in some cases, death. Ouch. The pricey recreation of such an item is, thus, at best questionable… But it probably makes for a good conversation piece.


Male Chastity Training

Tale from a chastized husband

I am the luckiest man alive. I am 32 years old, a husband, a father, and my wife’s full-time sex slave. We’ve been married now for 11 years, and I have never been more in love with her. Our sex life has never been hotter than it has been starting about 2 years ago when I gave her complete and total control over my erections and orgasms. I know it might sound crazy, but sex has become so intense since I’ve lost control over it. You know how they say that things become more important when you lose them? Well, it’s sure true in this case. Over the years, our sex-life had become routine. Not bad or boring, but just sort of plain. But, now it is a fantastic treat that my wife allows me to have when she decides to. My sexual satisfaction has become the last priority (or no priority at all) in our relationship.

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