A Male Chastity Journal

I had no idea that Lion likes to be teased almost as much as he likes to have an orgasm. I thought an orgasm was the prize. It’s true that it ends the fun, but what fun it is to get there.

Perhaps I don’t understand his love of teasing because I hate to be teased. Taking me to the edge and stopping might be grounds for divorce. Maybe not that bad, but I do hate it. I guess it’s a good thing our roles are not reversed. Since I haven’t been horny in a while, denying me wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Edging me would be a huge problem. Don’t get my engines revving if you’re going to run out of gas before we get to our destination. continue

A woman holding keys


Ace Chastity Training Hypnosis

imagesThe Importance of Male Chastity
Welcome to Ace Mental Institute for Correction of Sexual Deviation. Being disciplined depends on what you are doing when you are alone, when no one is looking. It is not easy. That’s why at Ace, we are ALWAYS watching you. Even when you think you are alone, I will be watching you. If you practice and learn and believe in Chastity, you will be able to maintain it when you are faced with the challenges of internet pornography, slutty girls on the street, random gay men whose cocks you secretly want to suck, 11pm at night on the couch watching movie.
no more hiding, no more secrets


Definition of Keyholder

The oxford dictionary:

A person who is entrusted with keeping a key to commercial or industrial premises.

There should be a little change, it is not only commercial and premises should be possessions and person should be female.

A beautiful female who is entrusted with keeping a key to something a man can’t control.

You see even the most renowned dictionary can have it wrong. Don’t forget Mistress is always right.


female keyholder


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Our latest chastity belt has arrive. It is tight, small and made of stainless steel. Because of the way the ring works it can be very small and therefore impossible to escape. This device is for long term wear, it is easy to clean impossible to escape and it will stop even the smallest hint of an erection. The perfect gift for your Mistress so she can be sure you are a good boy.

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Chastity Device