Chastity by an Ebony Mistress

I know you have been fantasizing about being in chastity for a beautiful black ebony Mistress.
You are to weak to apply for the real deal. But you are in luck, have lots of chastity clips on their site.
So become a member today a wank while you can.


Chastity Mistress Miss Kitty (Manchester / UK)

iss Kitty knows a loser on sight. She can tell by the way you avoid eye contact, fidget, stutter, etc. She knows She makes us weak and because of that She makes us suffer. She knows when She catches us looking at Her when we think She can’t see us but we turn away when She looks at us that She has us 100% under Her control and that we’d do any task or chore no matter how humiliating or degrading for Her just to be allowed in Her presence and nothing more. From personal experience i can tell you Miss Kitty LOVES the control She has over closet wimps, sissies and losers like us. Not only because She can use Her beauty, and our sexual inadequacy and weaknesses, against us to manipulate us into being nothing more than drooling worker bees for our Queen, but also because it gives Her endless personal amusement and satisfaction to see us toiling and suffering for Her. The way Miss Kitty likes to symbolise Her sexual power and superiority over us losers Continue


Miss Kitty


Ace Chastity Training Hypnosis

imagesThe Importance of Male Chastity
Welcome to Ace Mental Institute for Correction of Sexual Deviation. Being disciplined depends on what you are doing when you are alone, when no one is looking. It is not easy. That’s why at Ace, we are ALWAYS watching you. Even when you think you are alone, I will be watching you. If you practice and learn and believe in Chastity, you will be able to maintain it when you are faced with the challenges of internet pornography, slutty girls on the street, random gay men whose cocks you secretly want to suck, 11pm at night on the couch watching movie.
no more hiding, no more secrets


Mistress Ezada Sinn visits Belgium (17-20 of July)

Mistress Ezada Sinn will come to Belgium in July. She will stay with fellow Dominatrix: Mistress Shane and will see her slaves there.
She will also be filming and is still looking for filming slaves!

If you life in Belgium this is the moment to start your chastity training with a world class Dominatrix.

More information on her blog.



Chastity Mistress Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

I love to control subs in all ways and chastity is the ideal way to do so if you can’t come to see me regularly but still want to serve me. I offer a key holding service for chastity control. The tribute for this is £50 per month. You will be locked in to your belt and required to sign a chastity contract stating how long you will be locked up and when you will go on web cam or come and see me etc. Once done you will surrender the keys to me and I will take control of your penis at all times. You will need to purchase yourself a chastity device. They come in various shapes and sizes. You could choose a silicon belt, a plastic belt or perhaps try a metal cage as they are even more secure. Once you order your chastity device (or if you already have one of your own), you will be required to request and sign one of my chastity contracts. Chastity will start as soon as you are locked into your device, and my amusement and pleasure at your torment will begin. Chastity is one of my favourite methods of torment and control. It is one form of BDSM that I have enjoyed for many years. There is no slave more devoted than a frustrated slave. Once submitted to Me your devotion to me will only grow, even if your pathetic little dick won’t.

Mistress Elizabeth

Mistress Elizabeth


Mistress Nadia (USA)

Training under a Dominatrix, who later became a Dr. of Psychology, I learned the dynamics of the male ego; how to tap into and rearrange it to suit my needs.

I’ve spent more than a decade immersing myself into all aspects of BDSM, taking classes, reading books, attending seminars and workshops, but most importantly practicing and living it 24/7.

Chastity I love to play games, especially while in public. The thought of a powerful man dressed to impress yet wearing a tight device around his genitals it pure excitement to me.

Please visit: Mistress Nadia website and contact her for her chastity training.

Mistress Nadia


Chastity Story: The vault part 5

Those words echoed in my head again and again. Why did she say that to me? Could she possibly have meant it the way I hoped? No, Dan, get that out of your head. But, I just couldn’t.

Every time I thought about Tiffany, I would have pit in my stomach. I would feel nervous and excited. Were we on the precipice of something? I would be so happy with her and I would do whatever I could to make her happy. The idea of making her smile would be nothing but pure joy. But. But, she is married and spurned my advances when I had the chance. Even now, with all that was going on between us, she was trying to connect me with another woman. Those thoughts, or realizations, would send me into a feeling of helpless despair. All of these conflicting emotions were causing an internal turmoil unlike anything I had experienced before.
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Mistress Monroe – The Chastity Mistress

I’m a very dominant Woman and a strong Advocate of permanent male chastity!
I like men who know that they have to live in strict chastity. Only this way their whole attention is at the Woman’s world.
The man exclusive exists to serve the Woman!
My slaves stays locked up permanently. Only this way they are able to spend all of their attention on Me to give Me the satisfaction I need.
For Me it’s the only and ideal solution of a relationship with a man!

The Chastity Mistress