Online Chastity

Keyholder Service

This page is about online training only. This is fun and a good way to start your training. If you want slave training or a more personal approach,  please contact a Mistress on our keyholder page.  They have their own prices. The prices below are only for the online training.

Virtual Chastity

The computer will generate a daily random number. The check if you are still wearing your chastity device you need to send a picture with the code and the number of your plastic chastity lock in one picture to
This picture will be checked by our chastity Mistress. If you fail to comply you will need to pay the fine or be banned from our site.

Chastity Package 1 – £50

– 7 days lock-up
– send picture every day
– fine £150

Chastity Package 2 – £100

– 10 days lock-up
– send picture every day
– 3 picture tasks
– fine £150

Weight Loss Program – £100 a month

– You give a target weigth and I make sure you reach it.
– fine for not completing a task £150

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