Chastity by an Ebony Mistress

I know you have been fantasizing about being in chastity for a beautiful black ebony Mistress.
You are to weak to apply for the real deal. But you are in luck, have lots of chastity clips on their site.
So become a member today a wank while you can.


Male Chastity Training

Tale from a chastized husband

I am the luckiest man alive. I am 32 years old, a husband, a father, and my wife’s full-time sex slave. We’ve been married now for 11 years, and I have never been more in love with her. Our sex life has never been hotter than it has been starting about 2 years ago when I gave her complete and total control over my erections and orgasms. I know it might sound crazy, but sex has become so intense since I’ve lost control over it. You know how they say that things become more important when you lose them? Well, it’s sure true in this case. Over the years, our sex-life had become routine. Not bad or boring, but just sort of plain. But, now it is a fantastic treat that my wife allows me to have when she decides to. My sexual satisfaction has become the last priority (or no priority at all) in our relationship.

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Madame Caramel is going to Zurich 1st & 2nd of February

Keyholder Madame Caramel have chastity slaves all over the world. With some of them she only have online contact but she loves to look her slaves in the eyes when she closes the lock. Her Zurich chastity slave invited her to Zurich so he can beg for his release. Madame Caramel is a kind Mistress but when it comes to release you will have to do more than beg.
While she is in Zurich she will have a few sessions so if you are lucky you might be allowed to see her. Are you brave enough to give her your keys?

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Madame CaramelMadame Caramel


A Male Chastity Journal

I had no idea that Lion likes to be teased almost as much as he likes to have an orgasm. I thought an orgasm was the prize. It’s true that it ends the fun, but what fun it is to get there.

Perhaps I don’t understand his love of teasing because I hate to be teased. Taking me to the edge and stopping might be grounds for divorce. Maybe not that bad, but I do hate it. I guess it’s a good thing our roles are not reversed. Since I haven’t been horny in a while, denying me wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Edging me would be a huge problem. Don’t get my engines revving if you’re going to run out of gas before we get to our destination. continue

A woman holding keys


Sissy Chastity Slave Martin

Just because he makes me laugh every time I see his pathetic pictures 🙂


Photo Story with Keyholder Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel likes to inspect her locked property in a professional session.

The story starts with the chastity keys safely around Mistress neck


The chastity slave has the kneel at Mistress her bed and confess everything he did wrong for the last 50 days in chastity.


Ok lets have a closer look.


He has been a good boy and is allowed to be close the most secret part of Madame Caramel. He can smell her but is not allowed any taste or look.



You begged Madame Caramel to be allowed to fuck again.  You know what your wish is granted


First some preparations:


Now he is ready for his reward. The slave is being fucked by his Mistress wow what a treat.

Madame Caramel

It ends like it began, the keys safe around Madame Caramels neck. The boy can come back in a month. Maybe he will be released most probably not.




Hygiene for the man in chastity

What is not talked about in this wonderful world of chastity devices is that men basically dribble from all orifices and if left unattended it smells! Yes chaps it is true you’re just very smelly monkeys who invented soap.

When in chastity if you do not clean your device while you are in it, it will smell like a public urinal. Also the possibility of infection is probably greater unless you maintain hospital standards of hygiene.

Chastity Device Hygiene 101:

1 Always carry foam based hand sanitizer (non alcohol based preferred- if not you will find out why!).

2 Sanitise at least 3 times a day by squirting foam into end of device after urination.

3 Clean and dry with a cotton bud after foam.

4 If you don’t have a cotton bud use tissue, if its a CB600 type device poke it through the holes.

5 Morning and night, after each shower dry behind the ring, use a piece of cloth and pull it through. Being dry is important, add a dab of E45 skin cream or similar to lubricate the skin.

6 Keep the routine up, if you do not, small infections and skin lesions can become infected.

The shrinking myth.

It is said that your cock gets smaller in your device. This not actually true if it is let out on a regular basis. If you are caged long term it will accommodate to the device in a way similar to a foot in a tight shoe. A few enthusiastic device free erections will return you to your former glory! If you are a PinkDrinker the blood flow is maintained as is erection potential, you will not lose dimensions at all. Some of the component parts of the PinkDrink are used in an commercial ‘erection growth formula’, so just like a mushroom you will grow in the dark!