Chastity Gallery with Mistress Ezada Sinn

Get locked by Mistress Ezada Sinn


Photo Story with Keyholder Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel likes to inspect her locked property in a professional session.

The story starts with the chastity keys safely around Mistress neck


The chastity slave has the kneel at Mistress her bed and confess everything he did wrong for the last 50 days in chastity.


Ok lets have a closer look.


He has been a good boy and is allowed to be close the most secret part of Madame Caramel. He can smell her but is not allowed any taste or look.



You begged Madame Caramel to be allowed to fuck again.  You know what your wish is granted


First some preparations:


Now he is ready for his reward. The slave is being fucked by his Mistress wow what a treat.

Madame Caramel

It ends like it began, the keys safe around Madame Caramels neck. The boy can come back in a month. Maybe he will be released most probably not.




Ace Chastity Training Hypnosis

imagesThe Importance of Male Chastity
Welcome to Ace Mental Institute for Correction of Sexual Deviation. Being disciplined depends on what you are doing when you are alone, when no one is looking. It is not easy. That’s why at Ace, we are ALWAYS watching you. Even when you think you are alone, I will be watching you. If you practice and learn and believe in Chastity, you will be able to maintain it when you are faced with the challenges of internet pornography, slutty girls on the street, random gay men whose cocks you secretly want to suck, 11pm at night on the couch watching movie.
no more hiding, no more secrets


My friend and the chastity idea part 4

So there I am in my chastity device, naked and bent over my friends mums sofa with tape over my mouth and I’m about to receive a caning from her ‎.

How the hell did I get here?
This wasn’t part of the plan, this was just a little way of me gaining chastity experience for a future Mistress and owner and now it has snowballed and her mum is involved and I’m about to experience a painful caning, again not part of the deal.
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Keyholder: Mistress Jules (Scotland)

Greetings potential chastity slave, I hope you are prepared to enter into a new journey with Mistress Jules. I am sure you know the basics of bdsm and a D/s relationship, if you don’t then you should probably go and do some research as you will not be ready. I am one of her chastity slaves, and I am here to give you a few tips and pointers if you would also like to join me as one of her chastity slaves.
If you are looking to become one of Mistress Jules’ slaves then a few things are required of you.

Honesty – If you lie then you will be caught, and you won’t be punished, you will just lose your chance to have a relationship with Mistress Jules

Dedication – You don’t need to devote your life to Mistress Jules, but you must be able to commit some time to her as you would with anyone with whom you would like a relationship. Relationships are a two way street, and Mistress Jules will be giving you time out of her busy schedule to interact with you, so it is only fair that you must be able to do the same.

Communication – This is a key requirement of any relationship and doubly so in a D/s relationship, triply so in an online one. You must make sure you communicate your thoughts and feelings that are running through your head across to Mistress Jules.

A woman holding keys