Mistress Phoenix Frost (USA)

Mistress Phoenix FrostI am a highly skilled lifestyle player, who has been active in the BDSM Community since 1993. My range of expression spans the sensual to sadistic. Each scene is conducted with precision, respect and care, emphasizing the mutual BDSM interests of Top and bottom, Domina and submissive.

With years of experience comes a range of activities that I relish. But I do not attempt to confine your encounters with Me to a pre-fabricated or contrived scene. I welcome elaborate fantasies and extreme or “unusual” fetishes. My interests can be equally stirred by ardent foot worship and severe caning. I am a versatile and multi-faceted Dominant, who revels in the opportunity to play with unique individuals.

I enjoy sessions with men, women and couples who are intrigued by any level of fetishism, submission, masochism, role play and True Power Exchange. Those who have a higher level of appreciation for sophistication and finesse are best matched to My particular brand of Eastern elegance and torment. I offer keyholding and chastity as part of my training.

Mistress Phoenix Frost

Mistress Phoenix Frost

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2 Responses to Mistress Phoenix Frost (USA)

  1. used white boy says:

    I need a key holder to prevent me from unlocking my chastity.
    I would submit to you to get you to unlock me.
    I am an experienced sub from LA

  2. used white boy says:

    are you in phoenix???

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