Femdom Ball 2016 – London (UK)

On October 8th the second Femdom Ball will take place in London. It is the celebration of female supremacy dressed in Gala the Mistresses look amazing. So many of our keyholders will attend this amazing event. Because nobody want to miss this great event, the normal tickets are already sold out. But don’t worry there are still late arrival tickets available. Many Mistresses havve their ticket reserved but are looking for a slave to sponsor. So buy your ticket and give your chastity keys in person!


Photo Story with Keyholder Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel likes to inspect her locked property in a professional session.

The story starts with the chastity keys safely around Mistress neck


The chastity slave has the kneel at Mistress her bed and confess everything he did wrong for the last 50 days in chastity.


Ok lets have a closer look.


He has been a good boy and is allowed to be close the most secret part of Madame Caramel. He can smell her but is not allowed any taste or look.



You begged Madame Caramel to be allowed to fuck again.  You know what your wish is granted


First some preparations:


Now he is ready for his reward. The slave is being fucked by his Mistress wow what a treat.

Madame Caramel

It ends like it began, the keys safe around Madame Caramels neck. The boy can come back in a month. Maybe he will be released most probably not.




Keyholder Madame Caramel (United Kingdom)

If you are looking for something more than our online chastity service. Stop looking and contact Madame Caramel. She is an experienced professional dominatrix and has the gift to see right in your soul to discover your deepest desires. She knows you need to be locked and denied. It is the only way you can live your life. You are lucky slave boy, she has an empty cage available with your name on it. Apply now and maybe if you have enough to offer you will be her next slave in chastity.

Madame Caramel


London Mistress Eve

I am a London well established Pro Dominant Mistress, who thrives on the total power exchange with my submissives.

The secret to my longevity is I have very high ethics,standards and a true believer in what goes around comes around and I offer BDSM sessions that are as intense as they are real.

If your desire is to be dominated by a tall curvaceous stunningly beautiful woman and in desperate need of some real meaningful punishment from a sexy goddess etc…

Then you have arrived at the right place , which is … “Eves Place”.

My dungeons have everything to bind you, whip you & make you beg for mercy.

I invite you to enter my world of pleasure and pain. My domain is a mental and physical playground where erotica and kink are the common threads that bind our desires.

I offer chastity/keyholding services for my regular slaves. I take full control of your body and mind, chastity is a great way of getting you where I want.
Apply for my chastity training now and you will become a better slave, a better man.

Contact me now!

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