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Tale from a chastized husband

I am the luckiest man alive. I am 32 years old, a husband, a father, and my wife’s full-time sex slave. We’ve been married now for 11 years, and I have never been more in love with her. Our sex life has never been hotter than it has been starting about 2 years ago when I gave her complete and total control over my erections and orgasms. I know it might sound crazy, but sex has become so intense since I’ve lost control over it. You know how they say that things become more important when you lose them? Well, it’s sure true in this case. Over the years, our sex-life had become routine. Not bad or boring, but just sort of plain. But, now it is a fantastic treat that my wife allows me to have when she decides to. My sexual satisfaction has become the last priority (or no priority at all) in our relationship.

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Blog: Chastity Diary

It seems like a distant dream, the last time i was allowed to have an erection. Almost a full month now, locked in one of the tiniest chastity cages on the planet. And I’m torn as to whether this is good or bad news, but i’m starting to get used to the cage. The last couple of nights, it’s not keeping me up like it did before. And i mainly go about my day hardly noticing it’s there. Only when using the bathroom or thinking sexual thoughts, I’m still well reminded of who owns my little dicklette. It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but – judging from earlier experience – when finally released from chastity, at first you feel a bit “naked” without your cage. It’s become part of you. There’s this kind of docile acceptance, like a domesticated zoo animal resigned to stay in captivity.

The above quote is from the yurichastity blog, a good little boy that writes about his experiences in chastity and his devotion for his Mistress, Princess Sheridan

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