Keyholder service by Locked in Lust

The Vice is the most secure ball trapped chastity device of the moment. It is not easy to stay locked when you have no keyholder.
Locked in Lust now has the perfect solution for the problem. Buy your new chastity device with the keyholder service. They will send the key separate from the lock.
When the device arrives you lock yourself and after that you have to wait everyday near the door till the postman arrives as a good little puppy.
Will your key be in the mail today?

You can buy The Vice here and you get 20$ discount if you use the code “ONLINECHASTITY”



Keyholder Madame Caramel (United Kingdom)

If you are looking for something more than our online chastity service. Stop looking and contact Madame Caramel. She is an experienced professional dominatrix and has the gift to see right in your soul to discover your deepest desires. She knows you need to be locked and denied. It is the only way you can live your life. You are lucky slave boy, she has an empty cage available with your name on it. Apply now and maybe if you have enough to offer you will be her next slave in chastity.

Madame Caramel


Definition of Keyholder

The oxford dictionary:

A person who is entrusted with keeping a key to commercial or industrial premises.

There should be a little change, it is not only commercial and premises should be possessions and person should be female.

A beautiful female who is entrusted with keeping a key to something a man can’t control.

You see even the most renowned dictionary can have it wrong. Don’t forget Mistress is always right.


female keyholder