Madame Caramel Dubai Chastity Lock-up

Lifestyle Mistress and official keyholder Madame Caramel spent her time between London and the Middle East. Being trained as a slave by one of the most beautiful ebony Mistresses is a real treat. She loves her whip and her strap-ons are getting bigger every month but she has a special soft spot for slaves in chastity. Seeing the desire in there eyes when she teases them, listening to the begging the promises to do anything for her that is the moment she knows that she truly owns a slave.

Madame Caramel is in Dubai right now and has several chastity devices for sale. Of course she will keep the keys in a very safe spot so you don’t loose them. But you can suck her big black cock so your are fully trained for the real deal.

If you are in Dubai contact her at: +971556795335 or

If you are not you can watch some chastity clips and dream about the moment Mistress locks you too.


Photo Story with Keyholder Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel likes to inspect her locked property in a professional session.

The story starts with the chastity keys safely around Mistress neck


The chastity slave has the kneel at Mistress her bed and confess everything he did wrong for the last 50 days in chastity.


Ok lets have a closer look.


He has been a good boy and is allowed to be close the most secret part of Madame Caramel. He can smell her but is not allowed any taste or look.



You begged Madame Caramel to be allowed to fuck again.  You know what your wish is granted


First some preparations:


Now he is ready for his reward. The slave is being fucked by his Mistress wow what a treat.

Madame Caramel

It ends like it began, the keys safe around Madame Caramels neck. The boy can come back in a month. Maybe he will be released most probably not.




The best strap-on while locked

Many of our Keyholders offer anal training for there locked boys. Because it is really difficult to find a good quality strap-on we asked our Keyholders what there favourite one is. The result was amazing, it was unanimous they all preferred Babes and Horny as the only real option. The perfect realistic shape and the extreme quality makes it the only option that makes sense. So if you are looking for a new strap-on or dildo buy them at Babes n Horny, your Mistress recommends it.



Saturday 14th June – Private After Party at HDS

If you are attending the Erotic Art Collective exhibition on Saturday 14th June. There will be a chance to join a Private After Party at Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

The suite is a five minute walk away from the exhibition venue, in Hoxton.

HDS parties are always great fun and play is optional. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun play is always the theme of the night





This is a unique opportunity to watch Dominants and their submissives at play and even join in if you feel the urge.
It is also a great chance to have look around one of the finest dungeons in London.
Tickets for the after party are limited to just 20 and can only be bought at the exhibition
Tickets cost £20 to cover wine, beer & nibbles.

There are only 20 tickets available so to reserve yours send an email to

Rules of the play party

  • Use your common sense
  • Don’t touch without permission.
  • Don’t assume things. Someone maybe submissive but that doesn’t mean that they will be submissive to you.
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • No means no.
  • All play must be consensual and sane.

Keyholder Madame Caramel (United Kingdom)

If you are looking for something more than our online chastity service. Stop looking and contact Madame Caramel. She is an experienced professional dominatrix and has the gift to see right in your soul to discover your deepest desires. She knows you need to be locked and denied. It is the only way you can live your life. You are lucky slave boy, she has an empty cage available with your name on it. Apply now and maybe if you have enough to offer you will be her next slave in chastity.

Madame Caramel


Chastity Mistress Madame Caramel

The beautiful Madame Caramel has her own way to make her chastity slave frustrated. Captured close her holy shrine, the slave is in heaven. But of course he will never  have more. His dick is now owned by his Mistress, Madame Caramel.

Madame Caramel

Please visit her profile Madame Caramel or few the complete clip.

Chastity Mistress