Mistress Nadia (USA)

Training under a Dominatrix, who later became a Dr. of Psychology, I learned the dynamics of the male ego; how to tap into and rearrange it to suit my needs.

I’ve spent more than a decade immersing myself into all aspects of BDSM, taking classes, reading books, attending seminars and workshops, but most importantly practicing and living it 24/7.

Chastity I love to play games, especially while in public. The thought of a powerful man dressed to impress yet wearing a tight device around his genitals it pure excitement to me.

Please visit: Mistress Nadia website and contact her for her chastity training.

Mistress Nadia


Follow the Captain (USA)

Captain Vanity is an all natural 36DDD mixed domme who is travelling all over the south visiting places like south carolina, georgia, florida, and north carolina.

She likes having her boys locked-up so she started collecting keys during her travels. The ultimate goal is to have a chastity slave in all states. So have a session while she visit your area and give her your keys.

More information on her website: Captain Vanity

Captain Vanity