Mistress Phoenix Frost (USA)

Mistress Phoenix FrostI am a highly skilled lifestyle player, who has been active in the BDSM Community since 1993. My range of expression spans the sensual to sadistic. Each scene is conducted with precision, respect and care, emphasizing the mutual BDSM interests of Top and bottom, Domina and submissive.

With years of experience comes a range of activities that I relish. But I do not attempt to confine your encounters with Me to a pre-fabricated or contrived scene. I welcome elaborate fantasies and extreme or “unusual” fetishes. My interests can be equally stirred by ardent foot worship and severe caning. I am a versatile and multi-faceted Dominant, who revels in the opportunity to play with unique individuals.

I enjoy sessions with men, women and couples who are intrigued by any level of fetishism, submission, masochism, role play and True Power Exchange. Those who have a higher level of appreciation for sophistication and finesse are best matched to My particular brand of Eastern elegance and torment. I offer keyholding and chastity as part of my training.

Mistress Phoenix Frost

Mistress Phoenix Frost


Mistress Devlynn Desade (USA)

If you are fortunate enough to spend time with Me, you will find Me to be gorgeous, educated, intuitive, creative, vastly experienced, extremely skilled and utterly discreet. An expert with many forms of training, I am always expanding My knowledge and experiences to be able to fully realize My calling. I am a joyful sadist and humiliatrix, though masochism is not necessary in a submissive it is appreciated.

I will be training you for My use, so players of all experience are welcome. It is important however, you show me your best submissive attitude, otherwise I may not deem you worthy of My time. I think chastity is an important part of your training.

Voted best Mistress in Cincinnati

Mistress Devlynn Desade

Mistress Devlynn DeSade


Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls (United States)

I am a lifestyle kinkster (that is to say that before I was a seattle dominatrix, I as interested in kink & fetish since before I knew what it meant.) I thrive on the energy produced by such intimate encounters and I find the art of seduction in kink to be utterly delectable. Most importantly, I relish the idea of getting inside the heads of my play partners and my fantasy is to become your fantasy. More things of note about me are that I’m educated, well spoken, cultured and an unabashed hedonist.

Although I am young, I have been told that I am wise beyond my years; I speak with experience and knowledge, I am well versed in many complex subjects (business management, the art of shibari, hypnosis and the workings on the human mind to name a few) and I truly respect other people’s rights, opinions and livelihoods. In other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find another young 20-something woman quite like me.

I you can’t visit me in Seattle I offer many online services, my absolute favourite is keyholding. So contact me now and before you now it your keys are safe with me for a very long time.

Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls

Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls


Asian Imperatrix: Lady Lilly (USA)

Lady Lilly is of Asian and European heritage. You can consider her as an Avant-Gardist.

She encompass great pride in who She is. Understands her superiority as a Woman and the power She have and gain through that. She also know a submissive man’s inferiority and respect that.

She is a professional Dominatrix over 10 years and knows all the secrets of the trade.

She has many interests but loves to have complete power over a sub. The best way to achieve this is by chastity. Give her your keys and start a wonderful journey of tease and denial.

Contact her at: ladylilly.com

Lady Lilly


Keyholder: Goddess Ashton (USA)

I love to put you pin-pricked ball jugglers in your place! Ever wondered what it would be like to have your sad excuse for a dick locked away in a confining little cage for the rest of your natural life? Ever have the desire to push yourself to the limits of your perversion? Well you kinky little cock suckers…NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Visit Goddess Ashton and apply

Ashton Gray


Mistress Nadia (USA)

Training under a Dominatrix, who later became a Dr. of Psychology, I learned the dynamics of the male ego; how to tap into and rearrange it to suit my needs.

I’ve spent more than a decade immersing myself into all aspects of BDSM, taking classes, reading books, attending seminars and workshops, but most importantly practicing and living it 24/7.

Chastity I love to play games, especially while in public. The thought of a powerful man dressed to impress yet wearing a tight device around his genitals it pure excitement to me.

Please visit: Mistress Nadia website and contact her for her chastity training.

Mistress Nadia


Follow the Captain (USA)

Captain Vanity is an all natural 36DDD mixed domme who is travelling all over the south visiting places like south carolina, georgia, florida, and north carolina.

She likes having her boys locked-up so she started collecting keys during her travels. The ultimate goal is to have a chastity slave in all states. So have a session while she visit your area and give her your keys.

More information on her website: Captain Vanity

Captain Vanity


Mistress Fallon (Detroit / USA)

Chastity training is very intense, and not for every slave. Locking that device in place and surrendering the key to Mistress is a very powerful form of submission. It truly gives TPE. Can you commit yourself to Me in this way? As the days pass you will get more humbled, and yet more content. Your needs no longer come into play. Mistress holds the key to your release…of lack of. Your caged cock is Her property. You will have no doubt about who is in charge. continue

Mistress Fallon

Mistress Fallon