German Quality Chastity Belt – latowski

The Belt:

spritzeProtected from any access, penis and testicles are located in inlaying dedicated chambers made of high quality silicone rubber which surface feels like natural skin and does not leave any pressure marks. This chamber is divided into two sections where the penis and testicles are separately housed. The penis tube has the shape of a downward bended penis and to facilitate putting it on, we recommend, treating the chamber with standard water-based lubricants.
If you then glide into it, you feel like caught in a female vagina.

schlossNeuAufTo put the belt on is best done in a standing position with slightly spread legs. The hinge section is placed under the crotch and the front and rear sections are pressed together until pins are engaged so the entire abdomen is enclosed. With the belt unlocked, the pins on each side can be adjusted to allow for changes in the body shape. The locking of the padlocks is easier when you are sitting or lying.

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New Chastity Device in the shop “Tight Squeeze”

Our latest chastity belt has arrive. It is tight, small and made of stainless steel. Because of the way the ring works it can be very small and therefore impossible to escape. This device is for long term wear, it is easy to clean impossible to escape and it will stop even the smallest hint of an erection. The perfect gift for your Mistress so she can be sure you are a good boy.

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Chastity Device