Hygiene for the man in chastity

What is not talked about in this wonderful world of chastity devices is that men basically dribble from all orifices and if left unattended it smells! Yes chaps it is true you’re just very smelly monkeys who invented soap.

When in chastity if you do not clean your device while you are in it, it will smell like a public urinal. Also the possibility of infection is probably greater unless you maintain hospital standards of hygiene.

Chastity Device Hygiene 101:

1 Always carry foam based hand sanitizer (non alcohol based preferred- if not you will find out why!).

2 Sanitise at least 3 times a day by squirting foam into end of device after urination.

3 Clean and dry with a cotton bud after foam.

4 If you don’t have a cotton bud use tissue, if its a CB600 type device poke it through the holes.

5 Morning and night, after each shower dry behind the ring, use a piece of cloth and pull it through. Being dry is important, add a dab of E45 skin cream or similar to lubricate the skin.

6 Keep the routine up, if you do not, small infections and skin lesions can become infected.

The shrinking myth.

It is said that your cock gets smaller in your device. This not actually true if it is let out on a regular basis. If you are caged long term it will accommodate to the device in a way similar to a foot in a tight shoe. A few enthusiastic device free erections will return you to your former glory! If you are a PinkDrinker the blood flow is maintained as is erection potential, you will not lose dimensions at all. Some of the component parts of the PinkDrink are used in an commercial ‘erection growth formula’, so just like a mushroom you will grow in the dark!



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