Review: Birdlocked neo

Mistress told me a new chastity device was going to arrive for me. I was worried what she picked out, you never know with her. The doorbell went and there was a package for me from Switzerland. I immediately opened it and there was a little bird smiling at me. bird2

I called Mistress and she said I have to put it on for 48h and then write about it for her.

The device looked small, specially the tube was smaller then anything I tried before. It was a bit oddly shaped but here goes.
It was difficult to get my balls through but now I understood the shape, it was difficult to get in, but it is even more difficult to get them out. I could only get the head of my penis in the tube. It wouldn’t go any further, now the plastic band. That was easy, nothing to loop through, just put it on. There is a good quality brass lock in the package so click and I was locked.
It didn’t felt good, my balls are dark purple and my penis hurts. But Mistress said 48h so I will manage that.

After 2 hours, I needed to go pee. I noticed my penis slipped in the tube completely now, balls are back to there normal colour so all good. Actually it all feels comfortable and secure. Bed time, I always sleep naked while I am locked so I can move the cage around easily.
Of course at 4 am I woke up in pain, morning wood time. The cage kept everything nice and tight together. It hurts but not more then any other device. This is suffering for Mistress.

In the morning, I tried to get out without using the key. Because everything is so tight together so I couldn’t get my penis out of the tube. The shape of the cage prevented my balls from going back. So for me this is a secure device. But I am sure some of you with smaller dicks are a higher pain tolerance will be able to get out. Chastity is also about trust and not touching your Mistress property.
After 48h I was aloud out and I am sure Mistress will lock me for a long period in this very soon.
I was very sceptic at the beginning, but at the end it is a secure comfortable device, that I definitely would recommend.

As always buy your device directly from the manufacturers so you are sure you get the real deal and not a fake Chinese device.