Review: Bon4 Silicone chastity device

We received the Bon4 in a discrete brown boring box . After opening the box a beautiful pouch appeared inside a large and a small cage, different size rings, two padlocks, some plastic locks and enough spare parts for a long time.

I couldn’t wait to try it on, I selected the large cage and the medium ring. There is manual included witch give clear instruction in how to put the device on. If you search the net you find different ways to put it on. I prefer to use lots of lube, first one ball then the other the penis as last and lock everything together. The first time it took me a few minutes but now I can do it very quickly.

Once it is on it feels very natural it is very light weight and the silicon feels warm and is flexible. Peeing is no problem, just sit down and weight until everything is out.

Sleeping is fine until 4 am when it is morning erection time. That is no fun, it is possible to get hard but it feels like the device is tearing of your balls. It is painful but it does wonders with my submissive mind. Laying in bed suffering for Mistress she doesn’t even know I am in pain at that moment.

The key for comfortable wear is lube, lots of it, but in on the ring and try to get it in the cage. When everything has lube there is no problem, without lube silicon will stick and that hurts.

I have been locked up in the bon4 for over 5 weeks. It is a bit smelly after that but the cage does work for long term use. I fly a lot and use the plastic locked if Mistress wants me secure.

It is not the most secure device, If you really want you can get out. It is silicon so you cut it too. There need to be some trust between keyholder and slave.

For me it is a great device for long term use, I can fly with it, nobody looks strange at me at the office, Mistress is happy with it. So yes I recommend it!

Be sure to it from bon4 or an official reseller, because there are low quality Chinese fakes in some stores.

bon4 chastitybon4

UPDATE: Mistress put me in chastity for the better part of the last 6 months. The ring and tube are broken now, time for a new one.

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2 Responses to Review: Bon4 Silicone chastity device

  1. crystal says:

    I loved the bon4. by far the easiest device to wear for long periods. Cleans much easier then the 60 series. However, after 90 days in continuous lockup my silicon ring developed a tear and rendered the device useless. I may have softened the material with my lube and moisturizers. Fair warning

    • Peter says:

      This is an email from Peter,
      And I happened to read what happened to crystal and her story of the silicone ring.
      All original BON4’s come with 1 year warranty…so all you have to do is mail to us with your receipt and we send a replacement silicone back ring for free to your shipping address.

      Anyway, it is always nice to hear that you were happy with the BON4

      Kind regards,
      Peter the team

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