Humiliated Chastity Cuckold Series

Foot steps echoed down the stairs as I lay in her cage. naked save except for her thick leather collar and cb6000s. My Mistress reached down and unlocked my cage. She commanded me to crawl out. I did so assuming the position of servitude on my knees, legs spread wide, arms clasped behind my back eyes lowered. My Mistress had trained me well making me a humble groveling submissive locked in her chastity cage. It had taken months to break me, but break me she had done. She reached down cupping my chin in her hand pulling my eyes up to hers. “We are going to have company tonight slave.” “aren’t you excited?” she stated. Yes Mistress I murmured knowing full well what would be expected of me. I shivered inside knowing what would be done to me by her male and female guests. She began her daily questions of me that she had used so well in her training of me. “what are you?” Your slave Mistress. “Why are you a slave” Because my cocks too small Mistress. “Are you allowed to fuck me?” No Mistress only real men have that privilege. “So then what are you good for”? Getting your pussy ready Mistress for real men, sucking the cocks and pussies of your friends and doing what I am told. Her eyes gleamed as she smiled at my responses. She attached a leash to my cock cage and pulled as I crawled along behind her. My eyes fixated on her fishnet clad legs and ass as she pulled me up the stairs. Her boots gleamed and I fantasized about worshiping them. She sat on the couch and ordered me to fetch her a glass of wine. I crawled to do her bidding knowing full well in the space of an hour my use would begin…

Part 2

I fetched Mistress’s wine and returned to my place on my knees at her feet eyes lowered and knees spread wide. She spoke on her cell phone to one of her lovers as she absent mindedly toyed with my chastity cage with the toe of her boot. “I’m ready right now babe” I heard her say as she discussed what lay ahead for the evening. She smiled as she told him that I was where I belonged on my knees at her feet. “If you hurry we can get a quickie in before everyone else arrived” I heard her say. She hung up the phone and not two minutes later the door bell rang. “Get the door bitch and properly great my man” Mistress commanded. I rushed to the door and dropped to my knees and opened it for Master Jack. There I was my cock locked up, naked wearing a thick slave collar as this mountain of a man entered my Mistress’s home. I immediately did as I was ordered dropping my face to his boots and kissing them in subservience and welcoming him with the phrase I had been taught. “Welcome Sir to my Mistress’s home. It is always nice to have a real man here to see her and satisfy her.” He entered and met my Mistress as they embraced and greeted each other hands roaming over each others body. “Get me my usual drink bitch” he stated as he placed both hands on my Mistress’s fishnet clad asscheeks as he pulled her tight to his body. I scampered off quickly and returned with his drink kneeling at both of their feet eyes lowered. “Why don’t you have him warm you up and I can watch” sweetie I heard her save to him. Get to it bitch he stated to me as my cock swelled against my cage betraying the amount that this turned me on. Mistress laughed “look his little bitch cock is trying to get hard” she commented. Here bitch boy is a real man’s cock as he pulled it out of his pants. It had to be almost twice the size of mine. No wonder Mistress had relegated me to nothing more than her caged slave only letting me only masturbate once every few weeks while she watched. I knew my assigned task and immediately bent up on my knees and took his hardening cock in my mouth. Master Jack laughed “look at him eagerly take that cock” he commented. Mistress smiled as I took it deep and he pumped it in and out of my mouth. I hoped my eagerness would convince Mistress to let me out of my cage tonight and have an orgasm. She pulled me off of his cock with a tug of her leash on my cock cage. He sat down on the couch as Mistress mounted his cock and I watched. She thrust up and down on his cock and moaned. She looked back at me kneeling behind her and commanded me to kiss her ass until she came. It didn’t take long for them to cum together. She rolled of them and relaxed as he grabbed his drink satisfied. She commanded me to clean her as they sat back on the couch in the afterglow of their lovemaking. I nestled into her pussy cleaning the cum out of it with my tongue as they relaxed and chatted. My cock ached but I knew better than to ask for release…

Part 3

My cock ached in its cage. Here I was kneeling at my Mistress’s feet after having licked her lover’s cum out of her pussy. All I wanted to do was be released from the cages cruel confines and bring pleasure to myself. Mistress casually rubbed Master’s chest and sipped her drink all the while occasionally rubbing her boot over my chastised cock making it ache all the more. “Oh look sweetie his little dicklet is trying to get hard in its little cage” she cackled as an evil grin played over her face. “Poor baby no time for that our guests will be arriving soon” she stated. Assume your subservient position by the door and greet our guests as they arrive slut. “Yes Mistress” I stated and I bent and kissed her boots and her lovers before I moved to the door.

I knelt there naked collared and caged as Mistress’s friends began to arrive. Masters, Mistresses, slaves and sluts all entering with me greeting them with a humble welcome to Mistress’s party please let me know if I can be of service as I groveled at their feet. I must of kissed and licked 20 pairs of boots and high heels as they entered.

A good friend of Mistress’s Mistress Tasha entered. She is a transvestite dominatrix. She stood 6ft 2 in her spike heeled thigh high leather boots. She also wore a micro miniskirt with fishnet pantyhose underneath. Knowing her they were crotchless so that her huge member could have easy access to whatever it wanted. She wore a latex corset and was heavily made up. As I told her to let me know if I could be of service she immediately grabbed me by the D ring in my slave collar and dragged me by the couch. Kneeling in front of this beautiful domme with my eyes lowered she grabbed me by the chin as her other hand pulled up her skirt. “suck it bitch” is what she said as others at the party looked on. I met my Mistress’s eyes and she nodded at me and smiled.

I took Mistress’s Natasha’s hard cock into my mouth running my tongue along its veiny shaft. I let out an audible groan as my little cock struggled against its cage begging to get out. “Play with my balls bitch and use that tongue” Natasha demanded. I snaked my tongue along her balls and rubbed them with my fingers as she moaned. She then grabbed me by the hair with a hand and proceeded to face fuck me. Mistress’s lover commented “he is getting a lot of practice you’ll have an expert cocksucker by the end of the night” as he and Mistress laughed at my expense. “I just may have to start tricking him out and make some money” she stated with an evil smile. Just then Mistress Natasha groaned pulling her cock out of my mouth and spurting all over my face. The guests clapped and laughed as I kneeled there humiliated beyond belief with cum all over my face. Just as I thought the humiliation was complete, Mistress took out a tube of lipstick and wrote “cocksucker” on my chest. I lowered my head humiliated with my cock straining at its cage…

Part 4

Cum dripped into my mouth as Mistress Natasha wiped her softening spent cock all over my face then walked away to mingle with the other guests. There I was kneeling naked with a cb6000s locked on my slave cock wearing my Mistress’s collar and the word cocksucker written in lipstick on my chest. My face had cum on it and I wasn’t allowed to wipe it off. Mistress left for a moment and put a pair of lacy red panties, 5 inch high heels and nipple clamps attached to a chain at her feet. “Put them on cocksucker” she stated as my cock throbbed in its cage. I obeyed slipping the panties and heels on and painfully attaching the nipple clamps.

“Serve our guests drinks or whatever they desire whore” as she handed me her empty glass as she went back to rubbing her boyfriend’s chest. I returned with a fresh drink for my Mistress as she and her stud made out. I then began circulating around the room filling drink orders and being groped and pinched by both men and women. One dominant Master Ben pulled on my nipple chain as I handed him his drink. “we need a good ole fashion sucking contest” he stated as he called over his submissive wife Tina and had her get on her knees in front of him. She wore pink stockings and heels, a slave collar and nipple clamps much like mine. Her pussy was exposed and he rubbed the toe of his boot over it as she moaned. “cocksucker needs someone to suck for the contest any takers” he announced. A burley biker named Master Ron stepped up and took a position in front of me. The group agreed that the slave who made the cock cum first would be allowed to cum while the loser would have to make them cum while being frustrated themselves.

We were told to begin and we both took the cocks in our mouths and begin to suck and lick as everyone at the party cheered us on. Master Ron grabbed the back of my head and forced me deeper down on his cock making me gag in a few instances. The female slave Tina pumped her Master hard and he groaned as filled her mouth with cum. “hold” he commanded as she did not swallow the load. Master Ron soon thereafter spurted in my mouth filling it full of coming and making me swallow it down. My cock ached in its cage knowing it would get no relief. Master Ben then made Tina french kiss me and share his cum with me. Humiliated I wished my straining cock would be set free. All this play had me so frustrated I wanted to climb the walls. I was then directed to go down on Tina as I lay down and she sat on my face. She had an incredible body and it only added more to my frustration. After going down on her pussy for about twenty minutes she shrieked and came hard. She reached back and played with my caged cock only making it ache and hurt more. I lay there frustrated and horny as the three I had just played with were satisfied and content….

Part 5

I resumed filling drink orders and being abused by the party guests. When everyone had been taken care I resumed kneeling at my Mistress’s side. She and her boyfriend sat on the couch. She had his shirt open and and pants playing with his monster of a cock. It had to be nine inches long. She smiled at me “real men with real cocks get theirs played with. Sissies like you with little cocks get caged and made to wear bitch whore attire.” He laughed out loud at this enjoying her hands all over his monster and his hairy chest. “Do you shave him too he asked?” Mistress stated that I was made to keep my body free of hair from the neck down. She stated that “real men had hair on their bodies while sissy bitches did not.” I only lowered my eyes further knowing where I stood in the pecking order here. She toyed with my then as she worked his cock. “Ask him bitch” she stated. Nervously, I asked him to please fuck my Mistress Sir. Why not you cuckie she stated. Because my cock is too small and I am not a real man Mistress. I am a little sissy bitch whose only job is to get your pussy ready with my tongue and do whatever it is you tell me to do. Good bitch he stated “he knows his place” as he played with my owner’s pussy. She swung her leg over and mounted his rock hard cock. Looking back at me kneeling on the floor. She smiled an evil smile commanding me to lick his shaft and balls as she bounced up and down on it groaning. He cupped her ass cheeks fucking her deep and hard. They both came together deep and hard as others watched with me humiliated kneeling and licking. Finally, they uncoupled and I knew what would be next. First, I was made to lick his hard cock clean as my little member again ached in its cage. Next, she laughed and stated time to clean me cucky as I licked and sucked the cum out of her pussy. Both satisfied with me even more frustrated they ordered me to freshen their drinks and then made me kneel on my hands and knees and used me as a footstool. Every once in a while she would rub her foot over my caged cock making me lick the dripping precum off of her pump…..

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