Chastity Story: Night at the Club

Mistress led me into the club on a leash. She looked magnificent as usual with her thigh high boots, short leather skirt and corset along with a matching jacket. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. She gave the bouncer a sexy kiss as she stopped and chatted. She ordered me to the changing room and I came back naked save for my collar and dignity. She immediately re-attached my leash as I dropped to my knees, hands clasped behind my back and eyes lowered as I had been taught. She gave the bouncer one last kiss and headed into the club with me trailing behind. It was fairly crowded with others dressed in various forms of leather and lace sub and dom alike. She found a table near the bar and found a seat. My seat was at her feet on a cold cement floor. I cleaned her boot with my tongue as she people watched. She sent me to the bar to fetch a drink. A strong muscled man dressed in leather came up behind me and joined the line. “Who’s the blonde you are with boi” he grumbled at me. It’s my wife and Mistress SIr as I submissively averted his gaze. Kneel when you speak to me bitch he roared. I immediately dropped to my knees. Is she here with anyone other than your pathetic self he asked. No Sir I squeaked. Good get my drink as well as he handed me the money, I think I’ll go say hello. After waiting and getting the drinks I returned to find Master Jack sitting with my wife smiling and laughing as I returned. I kneeled at their feet giving them their drinks. My Mistress nuzzled into his shoulder as the enjoyed each other’s company. Not much of a cock he stated as he looked between my legs and played with my cock with the toe of his boot. I did not move as I had assumed my previous position eyes lowered with my hands clasped behind my back. She sighed. Yes I know thats why he went from my husband to my pathetic cuck slave. He hasn’t been aloowed to fuck me for over two years. All he is good for is getting my pussy ready with his tongue, sucking my lover’s cocks and cleaning my pussy after a good fucking. You bitch Master Jack exclaimed you’ve gotten precum on my boot!. Get your faggot ass doen there and clean it off. Yes Sir as I immediately lowered my face and licked his boot. Good boy Mistress smiled and stated. How is he at sucking cock Master Jack asked my Mistress. Find out for yourself she smiled and said to him. She looked at me and with a stern look as if to say you better not fuck up, said get busy bitch. I immediately moved forward as I had been trained and lowered his zipper. His monster of a cock popped out as my wife squealed with delight. I am so gonna enjoy riding that huge monster later she stated. I moved forward and took Master Jack’s huge cock in my mouth pumping up and down like a good cocksucker. He leaned back sipping his drink and kissing my wife running his hands up and down her body moving them under her skirt and playing with her pussy. My Mistress would occasionally grab the hair on the back of my head thrusting my head deeper onto Master Jack’s cock. Come on cocksucker she stated make a real man cum. That’s all you are good for. I want to see cum all over your face and lead you around the club with cum on your face with your little cock hard. They both laughed at that prospect. Just then Master Jack groaned and began to spurt. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huged load onto my face. My Mistress swiped some of it with her index finger and placed it on my tongue. Humiliated beyond belief I looked into her eyes my little cock hard as a rock. Shall we go to a back room and have some more fun she asked as she stood up. Master Jack smiled and said yes as he commanded me to lick his cock clean and tuck his monster back into his pants. With his cock secured, they both paraded me around the club as cum ran into my mouth. Humiliated I followed behind on Mistress’s leash knowing this was only a prelude to more humiliation and degredation at their hands.

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