The Vault – part 2

After Tiffany left, I found myself entertained for the rest of the evening. I had no plans for that Friday night, so I spent much of the night admiring the device that now kept me from my junk. It was a pretty ingenious device. It consisted of two clear plastic rings and a curved, clear plastic tube. My penis and testicles passed through the larger plastic ring and only my penis went through the second, smaller plastic ring. My penis then went into the plastic tube. All of the pieces were kept at an even distance from each other with small plastic posts on each of the pieces. And, of course, they were kept in place by the small padlock that Tiffany had attached.

It wasn’t at all what I would call comfortable, but it didn’t hurt either. I tried on various pairs of pants and found that it caused a noticeable bulge in the dress pants I wore to work. But, it really wasn’t noticeable through my casual pants and jeans. I decided that I would have to go shopping early tomorrow to get some pants for work that wouldn’t tip people off that something plastic was locked on my junk.

I admired myself naked in the mirror and took a shower. Cleaning wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but using the toilet was the part that I honestly hadn’t considered beforehand. I would have to sit to pee.

In addition to admiring the device, I spent the whole evening thinking about Tiffany. Every time she popped into my head, I would feel those long-dormant feelings well up. Each time this happened, I would swell up as much as the device would allow. I would then have to redirect my thoughts. It was frustrating to not get hard, but it even more frustrating to think about Tiffany. She is the only girl I have known that I’m truly happy to be around. I would just have to let those thoughts go and focus on finding another girl who made me feel the same way.

My sleep was a bit restless that night. The sensation of the device locked on to me and the thoughts running through my head, made sleeping a difficult task.

I awoke the next morning feeling a bit groggy and with a bit of discomfort emanating from my crotch. I realized that the discomfort had been caused by the device’s denial of my morning wood.

By the time I was showered and ready to go out shopping for new pants, I was feeling very on edge. I was beginning to feel a bit anxious about the device and desperately wanted to get the device off and rub one out. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t a big deal and that the anxiety would pass as soon as I was outside in the fresh air.

I took a bus to a nearby clothing store and looked for new pants for work. I noticed women. I always noticed women, but this was different. I noticed them all and desperately wanted some relief. I tried to collect myself and restrain my urges. I bought a few pairs of pants and returned home.

The day passed more or less normally but I found myself cleaning my apartment and doing any other task I could think of to take my mind off the longing I felt.

Evening came and I got ready for my date. Just before I left my apartment to meet Diane, my date, I received a text from Tiffany. “Good luck on your date!” I wrote her back “Thanks”, and headed off to meet Diane.

My date with Diane started with dinner. We chatted and joked with each other. She was wearing a skirt that showed off her lovely legs. Her blouse was low cut and showed off her cleavage. I could feel myself occasionally fixated on her feminine charms. I had to pull myself away from my internal turmoil to focus on our conversation. While she was very nice, she didn’t strike me as particularly bright.

We finished dinner and went to a nearby spot to grab a drink and dance. After a few strong drinks, we were on the dance floor. Our chemistry was good, so it was only a matter of time before we were dancing closely.

After a little bit, Diane said, “Something is poking me. Do you have something in your pocket?”

I stammered a little bit. Finally, I managed to say “It might be my keys. Sorry about that.”

“Well, move them to your back pocket.” Diane said with a smile.

I knew that moving my keys would not solve the problem, as it was the chastity device that was poking her. I had to get out of this situation.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” I suggested.

Diane agreed and we headed off to her apartment building. When we got there, she invited me up but I declined. I gave her a kiss. I didn’t want her to think that I wasn’t interested, but I couldn’t go up to her apartment. My secret would have been discovered. I told her that I would call and then caught a cab home.

I was lucky that the meal and alcohol had made me pretty drowsy, so I went to bed immediately and fell asleep.

Sunday morning was much like Saturday morning. When I woke up, I could feel my penis struggle against the device. I spent a while laying in bed trying to redirect my thoughts without success. So, I got up and took a cold shower. The shower didn’t solve my problem, but it did dampen my urges slightly.

I had the whole day ahead of me and found that I needed to stay active to keep from going crazy. Watching TV didn’t help as almost every show and even most commercials had me thinking about sex. I continued cleaning my apartment and finished a lot of tasks that I had been meaning to do for a long time. I punctuated my constant activity with cold showers.

By the time dinner had rolled around, I was nearly at my wits end. I needed this thing off of me. Not long after I finished eating, I received another text from Tiffany, “Hope the date went well. Can’t wait to hear about it. See you tomorrow.”

I wrote back, “Date was okay. I need to get out of this thing, it is driving me crazy!”

She responded, “It hasn’t even been three days! Don’t be such a wimp, I’ve gone weeks without.”

I was a bit mad about her response, so I didn’t send a reply.

I did some exercises, had a couple of drinks and took a final cold shower and tried to go to sleep. After staring at the ceiling for a while, I finally passed out.

Monday at work was a real pain. I have a desk job, so I spent much of the day with my mind wander off. I couldn’t wait to see Tiffany so she would let me out of this thing.

After what felt like an eternity, quitting time finally came. I hurried home to wait for Tiffany.

I waited for a while and was just about to hop in the shower for another cold one, when Tiffany buzzed from downstairs. I let her in and waited for her to come up. She finally knocked on my door and I opened it.

Even though I had just seen her on Friday, it seemed like I hadn’t seen her for a long time. Her face seemed fresh and her dark eyes had a light to them. Her lips were stretched into an effortless smile as she leaned in to hug me hello. She wasn’t dressed any differently than the dozens of times she had stopped by before, but it seemed different. She wore a white button down blouse and a black skirt with black high heeled shoes. Her blouse hugged her frame showing off that beautiful curve running in from her chest and back out at her hips – the perfect hourglass. Her long, black hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

“Hey, you!” She greeted me.

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

“How was the weekend? Tell me about your date.” She said.

“It was okay. Did you bring the keys?” I asked.

“Wow, you are anxious! First tell me about your date.” She said redirecting the conversation.

It looked like she was going to make me wait for the keys, so I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge, gave her one and told her about my date with Diane. I tried to stay calm, but my mind kept racing between the lust I was feeling for Tiffany and getting a hold of those keys!

“Well, it sounds like our experiment is working out well. You noticed that Diane is not very smart and you didn’t have sex with her on the first date. I think you should go out with her again and confirm whether your initial impression of her is correct.” Tiffany said regarding my description of the date.

“Working out well?! I’ve been going crazy these past few days. Every morning I wake up with a pain in my crotch from morning wood and I spend the rest of the day taking cold showers. I need this thing off of me.” I responded.

“Dan! You promised that you would give this a real try. And one weekend doesn’t count as a real try. Will you put the device back on if I let you out of it?” She said.

“Uh…” Was all I could manage before she cut back in.

Her face had changed a little. That effortless smile was replaced by a bit of a frown.

“That’s what I thought. I am rarely in a position to make someone keep their promises to me. But, this time, I can do just that. I will let you out as soon as I feel confident that you’ll put it back on.” She said.

“Are you kidding me?!” I responded.

“No. I’m not kidding. Look at how well your date went and your apartment has never been cleaner. Once you accept this, you’ll find that it will be easier and there might be some serious benefits.” She said.

“Tiffany! This isn’t funny. Give me the key.” I demanded

“Don’t take that tone. I care a lot about you and I think that this will ultimately be for your own good. I think I’m going to head off. I’ll stop by tomorrow.” She said with a slightly raised voice and a furrowed brow.

With that she picked up her purse and started toward the door. I followed quickly behind her.

“Wait! Are you really going to leave?!” I implored.

“Yes. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said.

It flashed through my mind to grab her or snatch her purse away, but I restrained myself. I let her leave. What have I gotten into?

[End of Part 2]


The Vault – part 1

Okay, here is the first draft of the beginning of a story that I have had floating around in my head. I might not add to it, but I do have some ideas for a part 2. I’m sure there are plenty of typos and grammatical errors. Feel free to shoot me a private message with any suggestions/corrections.

Tiffany and I have been friends since college. We shared a lot of classes and spent a lot of time together outside of class. We grew very close as friends. Of course, I was very attracted to her. She is a 5’4” American girl of Chinese heritage. Her hair is raven black and has a face as cute as a button. During our College years, it was inevitable that there was some sexual tension (inevitable for me anyway). We would flirt back and forth and even spent a few nights in each other’s dorm rooms. I did make one pass at her, but she told me that she didn’t want to risk our friendship. I was devastated at the time, but in the 5 years since college, I have come to appreciate our friendship so much that I suspect that her decision could have been the right one.

Our friendship had grown so much that there is almost nothing that we don’t tell each other. After graduation, she and I lived in the same city and would hang out after work and on the weekends. A couple of years after college, she started dating Edwin. Although he was also an American of Chinese descent, he was a good deal more traditional than Tiffany. After a short time, they became engaged, married and moved out into the suburbs. She still worked in the city not far from where I live. So, two or three times a week she would stop by my place before heading home to avoid the rush-hour traffic. She would hang out at my place, have a beer or two and we would shoot the shit. We talked about everything.

One of her favorite topics was my dating life. I’m not the most attractive guy, but I’m attractive enough that I’ve never had much difficulty finding dates. Tiffany found my dating life amusing because I had a tendency to find girls that were somewhat crazy or eccentric. I would almost always stay with these girls much longer than I should because once I started getting some action, I would get hooked. Once sex was available, my second head would do most of the decision-making. Tiffany knew that sex was my weakness when it came to my dating life.

On one particular occasion, I was lamenting my experiences with a girl I had dated a few times. This is when Tiffany started a conversation that would change my life.

“Dan, why do you let yourself get sucked in by a pretty face and spread legs?” She said.

“Isn’t it obvious?! I’m a guy. I find myself very conflicted when I’m dating. I do want to find a nice girl, but once I have a chance to have sex, my libido takes control and I fail to see or I ignore the negative qualities my dates have.” I responded.

“Can’t you just pull yourself out of that pattern and not focus so much on sex until after you get to know the girl?” Tiffany said.

“I tell myself that all the time, but once I get out there and sit across from them at dinner or dance with them a club, I find myself thinking about nothing more than getting them back to my place. And when I get them there once, I just want to get them back there again. It is only after the sex gets boring that I start to recognize all of their negative qualities.” I offered.

“Hmm… I have given it some thought and I think I have an idea that might help you. I could help you screen your dates.” Tiffany said.

“Well, I would love for you to meet them and give me your opinion, but I don’t see how that would stop me from wanting to jump them as soon as I get the chance.” I countered.

“Well, I have a solution for that… Do you remember that club we went to a few years back? The one in the old warehouse downtown?” She said.

“You mean that S&M fetish club?” I responded.

“That’s the one! When we were there I signed up for their list-serve and I have been receiving e-mails from them ever since. I always read them and will occasionally check out the web sites that they link to. Some of those sites are about chastity. I think that if you wear a chastity belt, it would remove your bad habit of taking a girl to bed before you get to know her.” She offered.

“Wow, that seems a bit drastic. But, how would that even stop me? I would just come home and take it off.” I retorted.

“Well, the devices are locked. You would give the key to some one you trust – like me! I would hold on to it until you got to know the girl. Once you decide that you liked her enough, I would meet her. If she seems like a good match for you, I would give you the key and you could date her normally.” She said.

“Huh… I don’t know. It sounds like a weird idea. I think it could work for the dating, but what about my needs? I… well… take care of myself more than a few times a week. Not being able to do that would probably make me crazy!” I said.

She laughed.

“Take care of yourself?! Of course you do! Well, I’m here about 3 times a week anyway, I could try to make it 4 times a week and I would unlock you to take care of your ‘needs’ and then you would put the belt back on before I go.” She suggested.

I laughed, somewhat nervously.

“Well, I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think my situation is so bad. This seems a bit drastic. But I appreciate the offer… ha ha ha.”

“Okay, you let me know if you change your mind. I just want to see you happy. When you find a nice girl and move out to the suburbs we can all hang out as couples. It would be great.”

At that, we turned to other topics and didn’t talk about it again.

About 3 months later, I was out on a Saturday night with my guy friends and I picked up a woman at a club. The sexual chemistry was intense and I brought her home that night. We had drunken sex. I woke up the next morning and she wasn’t there and neither was the cash in my wallet or my watch. I never even got her last name. I felt stupid. I didn’t even call the police. I figured that I lucked out only losing some cash and an inexpensive watch. I told no one about what happened, except for the only person that gets all of my secrets – my vault – Tiffany.

“Dude, that is ridiculous! I’m glad that you’re okay. That could have been much worse!” She said regarding my story.

“Yeah, it might have been the worst thing that has happened to me in a long time. I have to be more careful.”

“Well, you need to make better decisions. It is that uncontrolled libido again. You really are stupid for sex.” She chided.

“Yeah, I am.” I said ashamed.

“Well, I offered to help you with that, and the offer still stands.” She offered.

“ha ha ha, you mean the chastity belt?” I asked.

“Yeah, the chastity belt. If you had been wearing one, you would never have taken that girl home. You would have gotten her number instead. You would have called her and went out on a date and realized that she was a nut job. You’d still have your money, watch.” She responded.

“You know what… okay… hmmm… let’s give it a try. What do I have to lose?! I can always go back to normal if it doesn’t work out. And it might improve things.” I said.

“Really! Okay! Let’s go online now and order a belt for you.” She said excitedly.

We went online and after a while settled upon a plastic device. I ordered it and had it shipped to my place. Tiffany gave me some cash and told me to upgrade the shipping to overnight delivery.

“I’ll come by tomorrow and well get the ball rolling on your new dating life!” She said with a big smile.

“Ha, ha ha… just in time for my date on Saturday with a girl I met yesterday.”

The next day at work I was a filled with nervous anticipation of the package that was likely sitting at my building with the doorman. Around 3:30, I received a text from Tiffany telling me not to open the box until she got there.

Quitting time came and I got back to my building where I was greeted at the front desk by the doorman and a package. I signed for it and brought it up to my apartment and placed it on my coffee table. About an hour later, I buzzed Tiffany into my building and she was sitting on my couch in no time. She shook the box with a huge grin.

“Let’s open it! It feels like Christmas!” She said.

I have to say that she seemed more excited about this than I would have imagined. This wasn’t a toy for us to really use together. She was married after all. But, she had complained to me many times before about the boring nature of her sex life with Edwin, her husband. Perhaps she was just excited to be even minimally involved in something that might be considered kinky. And, I can’t lie, I was excited at the prospect of having my dick locked up and knowing that Tiffany would have the key. Ever since her engagement with Edwin, I have tried to tone-down my flirtation and feelings for her, but they were still there, bubbling under the surface.

“Absolutely, lets see what it looks like.” I responded.

She opened the shipping box and the box inside to reveal a few plastic pieces and a small padlock.

“I think you put your balls through here and then slide this on your penis.” She said holding up the respective pieces and pointing. She even put her finger inside the penis sheath.

A bit nervously, I said. “Yeah, this is odd. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this.”

“Dan! Thinking about this?! You are going to give this a real try, aren’t you? I want you to promise me that you’ll take this seriously and really give it a chance.” She demanded.

“Okay, I promise.” I said in a drone, sarcastic way.

“Here” she said as she handed me the plastic pieces “ It is Friday, so I won’t see you again until Monday. Go take care of your self.” She said with a chuckle. “ Then put on the little cage.

I blushed at the idea of going into the other room to masturbate while she was here. But I knew she was right. This was my last chance to cum before Monday (Tiffany doesn’t normally come by on the weekends). I turned on the TV for her and went into the bathroom and tended to things. I came really quickly from the excitement, but I was in there for a while trying to get the device on just right. After I got it on and it felt comfortable enough, I realized that she hadn’t given me the padlock. I called to her and she said to come out.

With the device on, I pulled up my pants and went out to the TV room.

“Is it on?” She asked.

“Yeah, but I need the lock. I left it out here.” I responded.

“I didn’t give it to you because I’m going to put it on. I want to make sure it is secure before I go.”

I was a little taken aback and began to blush.

“Oh, Dan. All of the time that we’ve spent together and those hotel rooms we shared during spring break, I’ve seen you naked a number of times. Don’t be shy!” She said.

While this was true, it has been years and all of those occasions were accidental. I stood there for a moment. Took a deep breath and unzipped my pants with trembling hands.

“Come closer and pull down your pants so I can get at it.” She said as she picked up and opened the lock.

Still seated on the couch, she scooted forward and looked at me.

I walked up to her and could feel myself start to grow inside the device. I pulled down my pants and shorts just enough to reveal my caged penis.

“Looking good! It fits well.” She said as she slipped the lock onto the device and snapped it shut. “Okay, all done! That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Before I could respond, she dropped the keys in her purse and stood up as I covered myself.

“Okay, well I have to head home. Have a good date tomorrow night. Give me a call if you need anything. I’ll see you on Monday.”

I was a bit dumbfounded and could only manage to say ‘See you later’ as she walked out.

[End of Part 1]


Humiliated Chastity Cuckold Series

Foot steps echoed down the stairs as I lay in her cage. naked save except for her thick leather collar and cb6000s. My Mistress reached down and unlocked my cage. She commanded me to crawl out. I did so assuming the position of servitude on my knees, legs spread wide, arms clasped behind my back eyes lowered. My Mistress had trained me well making me a humble groveling submissive locked in her chastity cage. It had taken months to break me, but break me she had done. She reached down cupping my chin in her hand pulling my eyes up to hers. “We are going to have company tonight slave.” “aren’t you excited?” she stated. Yes Mistress I murmured knowing full well what would be expected of me. I shivered inside knowing what would be done to me by her male and female guests. She began her daily questions of me that she had used so well in her training of me. “what are you?” Your slave Mistress. “Why are you a slave” Because my cocks too small Mistress. “Are you allowed to fuck me?” No Mistress only real men have that privilege. “So then what are you good for”? Getting your pussy ready Mistress for real men, sucking the cocks and pussies of your friends and doing what I am told. Her eyes gleamed as she smiled at my responses. She attached a leash to my cock cage and pulled as I crawled along behind her. My eyes fixated on her fishnet clad legs and ass as she pulled me up the stairs. Her boots gleamed and I fantasized about worshiping them. She sat on the couch and ordered me to fetch her a glass of wine. I crawled to do her bidding knowing full well in the space of an hour my use would begin…

Part 2

I fetched Mistress’s wine and returned to my place on my knees at her feet eyes lowered and knees spread wide. She spoke on her cell phone to one of her lovers as she absent mindedly toyed with my chastity cage with the toe of her boot. “I’m ready right now babe” I heard her say as she discussed what lay ahead for the evening. She smiled as she told him that I was where I belonged on my knees at her feet. “If you hurry we can get a quickie in before everyone else arrived” I heard her say. She hung up the phone and not two minutes later the door bell rang. “Get the door bitch and properly great my man” Mistress commanded. I rushed to the door and dropped to my knees and opened it for Master Jack. There I was my cock locked up, naked wearing a thick slave collar as this mountain of a man entered my Mistress’s home. I immediately did as I was ordered dropping my face to his boots and kissing them in subservience and welcoming him with the phrase I had been taught. “Welcome Sir to my Mistress’s home. It is always nice to have a real man here to see her and satisfy her.” He entered and met my Mistress as they embraced and greeted each other hands roaming over each others body. “Get me my usual drink bitch” he stated as he placed both hands on my Mistress’s fishnet clad asscheeks as he pulled her tight to his body. I scampered off quickly and returned with his drink kneeling at both of their feet eyes lowered. “Why don’t you have him warm you up and I can watch” sweetie I heard her save to him. Get to it bitch he stated to me as my cock swelled against my cage betraying the amount that this turned me on. Mistress laughed “look his little bitch cock is trying to get hard” she commented. Here bitch boy is a real man’s cock as he pulled it out of his pants. It had to be almost twice the size of mine. No wonder Mistress had relegated me to nothing more than her caged slave only letting me only masturbate once every few weeks while she watched. I knew my assigned task and immediately bent up on my knees and took his hardening cock in my mouth. Master Jack laughed “look at him eagerly take that cock” he commented. Mistress smiled as I took it deep and he pumped it in and out of my mouth. I hoped my eagerness would convince Mistress to let me out of my cage tonight and have an orgasm. She pulled me off of his cock with a tug of her leash on my cock cage. He sat down on the couch as Mistress mounted his cock and I watched. She thrust up and down on his cock and moaned. She looked back at me kneeling behind her and commanded me to kiss her ass until she came. It didn’t take long for them to cum together. She rolled of them and relaxed as he grabbed his drink satisfied. She commanded me to clean her as they sat back on the couch in the afterglow of their lovemaking. I nestled into her pussy cleaning the cum out of it with my tongue as they relaxed and chatted. My cock ached but I knew better than to ask for release…

Part 3

My cock ached in its cage. Here I was kneeling at my Mistress’s feet after having licked her lover’s cum out of her pussy. All I wanted to do was be released from the cages cruel confines and bring pleasure to myself. Mistress casually rubbed Master’s chest and sipped her drink all the while occasionally rubbing her boot over my chastised cock making it ache all the more. “Oh look sweetie his little dicklet is trying to get hard in its little cage” she cackled as an evil grin played over her face. “Poor baby no time for that our guests will be arriving soon” she stated. Assume your subservient position by the door and greet our guests as they arrive slut. “Yes Mistress” I stated and I bent and kissed her boots and her lovers before I moved to the door.

I knelt there naked collared and caged as Mistress’s friends began to arrive. Masters, Mistresses, slaves and sluts all entering with me greeting them with a humble welcome to Mistress’s party please let me know if I can be of service as I groveled at their feet. I must of kissed and licked 20 pairs of boots and high heels as they entered.

A good friend of Mistress’s Mistress Tasha entered. She is a transvestite dominatrix. She stood 6ft 2 in her spike heeled thigh high leather boots. She also wore a micro miniskirt with fishnet pantyhose underneath. Knowing her they were crotchless so that her huge member could have easy access to whatever it wanted. She wore a latex corset and was heavily made up. As I told her to let me know if I could be of service she immediately grabbed me by the D ring in my slave collar and dragged me by the couch. Kneeling in front of this beautiful domme with my eyes lowered she grabbed me by the chin as her other hand pulled up her skirt. “suck it bitch” is what she said as others at the party looked on. I met my Mistress’s eyes and she nodded at me and smiled.

I took Mistress’s Natasha’s hard cock into my mouth running my tongue along its veiny shaft. I let out an audible groan as my little cock struggled against its cage begging to get out. “Play with my balls bitch and use that tongue” Natasha demanded. I snaked my tongue along her balls and rubbed them with my fingers as she moaned. She then grabbed me by the hair with a hand and proceeded to face fuck me. Mistress’s lover commented “he is getting a lot of practice you’ll have an expert cocksucker by the end of the night” as he and Mistress laughed at my expense. “I just may have to start tricking him out and make some money” she stated with an evil smile. Just then Mistress Natasha groaned pulling her cock out of my mouth and spurting all over my face. The guests clapped and laughed as I kneeled there humiliated beyond belief with cum all over my face. Just as I thought the humiliation was complete, Mistress took out a tube of lipstick and wrote “cocksucker” on my chest. I lowered my head humiliated with my cock straining at its cage…

Part 4

Cum dripped into my mouth as Mistress Natasha wiped her softening spent cock all over my face then walked away to mingle with the other guests. There I was kneeling naked with a cb6000s locked on my slave cock wearing my Mistress’s collar and the word cocksucker written in lipstick on my chest. My face had cum on it and I wasn’t allowed to wipe it off. Mistress left for a moment and put a pair of lacy red panties, 5 inch high heels and nipple clamps attached to a chain at her feet. “Put them on cocksucker” she stated as my cock throbbed in its cage. I obeyed slipping the panties and heels on and painfully attaching the nipple clamps.

“Serve our guests drinks or whatever they desire whore” as she handed me her empty glass as she went back to rubbing her boyfriend’s chest. I returned with a fresh drink for my Mistress as she and her stud made out. I then began circulating around the room filling drink orders and being groped and pinched by both men and women. One dominant Master Ben pulled on my nipple chain as I handed him his drink. “we need a good ole fashion sucking contest” he stated as he called over his submissive wife Tina and had her get on her knees in front of him. She wore pink stockings and heels, a slave collar and nipple clamps much like mine. Her pussy was exposed and he rubbed the toe of his boot over it as she moaned. “cocksucker needs someone to suck for the contest any takers” he announced. A burley biker named Master Ron stepped up and took a position in front of me. The group agreed that the slave who made the cock cum first would be allowed to cum while the loser would have to make them cum while being frustrated themselves.

We were told to begin and we both took the cocks in our mouths and begin to suck and lick as everyone at the party cheered us on. Master Ron grabbed the back of my head and forced me deeper down on his cock making me gag in a few instances. The female slave Tina pumped her Master hard and he groaned as filled her mouth with cum. “hold” he commanded as she did not swallow the load. Master Ron soon thereafter spurted in my mouth filling it full of coming and making me swallow it down. My cock ached in its cage knowing it would get no relief. Master Ben then made Tina french kiss me and share his cum with me. Humiliated I wished my straining cock would be set free. All this play had me so frustrated I wanted to climb the walls. I was then directed to go down on Tina as I lay down and she sat on my face. She had an incredible body and it only added more to my frustration. After going down on her pussy for about twenty minutes she shrieked and came hard. She reached back and played with my caged cock only making it ache and hurt more. I lay there frustrated and horny as the three I had just played with were satisfied and content….

Part 5

I resumed filling drink orders and being abused by the party guests. When everyone had been taken care I resumed kneeling at my Mistress’s side. She and her boyfriend sat on the couch. She had his shirt open and and pants playing with his monster of a cock. It had to be nine inches long. She smiled at me “real men with real cocks get theirs played with. Sissies like you with little cocks get caged and made to wear bitch whore attire.” He laughed out loud at this enjoying her hands all over his monster and his hairy chest. “Do you shave him too he asked?” Mistress stated that I was made to keep my body free of hair from the neck down. She stated that “real men had hair on their bodies while sissy bitches did not.” I only lowered my eyes further knowing where I stood in the pecking order here. She toyed with my then as she worked his cock. “Ask him bitch” she stated. Nervously, I asked him to please fuck my Mistress Sir. Why not you cuckie she stated. Because my cock is too small and I am not a real man Mistress. I am a little sissy bitch whose only job is to get your pussy ready with my tongue and do whatever it is you tell me to do. Good bitch he stated “he knows his place” as he played with my owner’s pussy. She swung her leg over and mounted his rock hard cock. Looking back at me kneeling on the floor. She smiled an evil smile commanding me to lick his shaft and balls as she bounced up and down on it groaning. He cupped her ass cheeks fucking her deep and hard. They both came together deep and hard as others watched with me humiliated kneeling and licking. Finally, they uncoupled and I knew what would be next. First, I was made to lick his hard cock clean as my little member again ached in its cage. Next, she laughed and stated time to clean me cucky as I licked and sucked the cum out of her pussy. Both satisfied with me even more frustrated they ordered me to freshen their drinks and then made me kneel on my hands and knees and used me as a footstool. Every once in a while she would rub her foot over my caged cock making me lick the dripping precum off of her pump…..


Chastity Story: Night at the Club

Mistress led me into the club on a leash. She looked magnificent as usual with her thigh high boots, short leather skirt and corset along with a matching jacket. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. She gave the bouncer a sexy kiss as she stopped and chatted. She ordered me to the changing room and I came back naked save for my collar and dignity. She immediately re-attached my leash as I dropped to my knees, hands clasped behind my back and eyes lowered as I had been taught. She gave the bouncer one last kiss and headed into the club with me trailing behind. It was fairly crowded with others dressed in various forms of leather and lace sub and dom alike. She found a table near the bar and found a seat. My seat was at her feet on a cold cement floor. I cleaned her boot with my tongue as she people watched. She sent me to the bar to fetch a drink. A strong muscled man dressed in leather came up behind me and joined the line. “Who’s the blonde you are with boi” he grumbled at me. It’s my wife and Mistress SIr as I submissively averted his gaze. Kneel when you speak to me bitch he roared. I immediately dropped to my knees. Is she here with anyone other than your pathetic self he asked. No Sir I squeaked. Good get my drink as well as he handed me the money, I think I’ll go say hello. After waiting and getting the drinks I returned to find Master Jack sitting with my wife smiling and laughing as I returned. I kneeled at their feet giving them their drinks. My Mistress nuzzled into his shoulder as the enjoyed each other’s company. Not much of a cock he stated as he looked between my legs and played with my cock with the toe of his boot. I did not move as I had assumed my previous position eyes lowered with my hands clasped behind my back. She sighed. Yes I know thats why he went from my husband to my pathetic cuck slave. He hasn’t been aloowed to fuck me for over two years. All he is good for is getting my pussy ready with his tongue, sucking my lover’s cocks and cleaning my pussy after a good fucking. You bitch Master Jack exclaimed you’ve gotten precum on my boot!. Get your faggot ass doen there and clean it off. Yes Sir as I immediately lowered my face and licked his boot. Good boy Mistress smiled and stated. How is he at sucking cock Master Jack asked my Mistress. Find out for yourself she smiled and said to him. She looked at me and with a stern look as if to say you better not fuck up, said get busy bitch. I immediately moved forward as I had been trained and lowered his zipper. His monster of a cock popped out as my wife squealed with delight. I am so gonna enjoy riding that huge monster later she stated. I moved forward and took Master Jack’s huge cock in my mouth pumping up and down like a good cocksucker. He leaned back sipping his drink and kissing my wife running his hands up and down her body moving them under her skirt and playing with her pussy. My Mistress would occasionally grab the hair on the back of my head thrusting my head deeper onto Master Jack’s cock. Come on cocksucker she stated make a real man cum. That’s all you are good for. I want to see cum all over your face and lead you around the club with cum on your face with your little cock hard. They both laughed at that prospect. Just then Master Jack groaned and began to spurt. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huged load onto my face. My Mistress swiped some of it with her index finger and placed it on my tongue. Humiliated beyond belief I looked into her eyes my little cock hard as a rock. Shall we go to a back room and have some more fun she asked as she stood up. Master Jack smiled and said yes as he commanded me to lick his cock clean and tuck his monster back into his pants. With his cock secured, they both paraded me around the club as cum ran into my mouth. Humiliated I followed behind on Mistress’s leash knowing this was only a prelude to more humiliation and degredation at their hands.


Who has my keys – part 2

It has been a month since I was locked away and I received a parcel in the post this morning

I open it up and it’s the hood from the last time with ear plugs and there is a typed note inside .







I do as instructed and am naked waiting nervously for my buzzer to go and have been practising putting the hood on quickly as I know it only takes about half a minute to get up the stairs to the flat and did cheat a bit as I had one earplug in ready to save me a few precious seconds and also I had put industrial strength duct tape on my mouth so I could guarantee I would stay silent and not ruin my chances of a release.

I jumped out of my skin when the buzzer did go and I press the button to let the person in and I rush to the bedroom to get the other earplug in and the hood on and scrambling on my bed for the keys I then stand in position.

It seems like an ages for the person to come in and my mind is racing with all sorts of thoughts.
“What if it isn’t the lady downstairs but someone coming round un announced? A family member? How would I explain this if they walked in ? What if it’s one of my friends how would I get them to keep it a secret? How would I know if they just see me and walk out ? ” Was just some of the thoughts racing through my mind as I was waiting .

Then what seemed like an age later I feel someone open my hands and remove the keys I had cut and the lock my wrists in handcuffs.

I am then pushed forward slightly and guided so I’m bent over and I feel my arse being lubricated and something being pushed inside ,
I quickly work out it was an inflatable and vibrating butt plug as it is given a few pumps to fill me up..

The person then guides me so I am now laying on my bed and then spreads my legs and secures my ankles in a spreader.

Finally I feel hands on my chastity device and can feel as the lock is undone and the cage slowly removed .

Oh the relief of being free and fresh air getting to my “bits” and I’m left to savour the moment while I am cleaned up properly
note I have been regurlarly cleaning myself as good as I can with cotton buds and shower head ect but still not as good as a proper clean up

I then feel the cage being placed back onto my cock and think I feel her locking it up
“Oh my god I’m not getting a release !!! I did everything I was instructed to do why have I been locked up already????” Was panic thoughts racing through my mind but being totally helpless there was nothing I can do about it.

I then feel the vibrations of the butt plug as that part is switched on and it is inflated again and my nipples are being kissed mercilessly making me hard in the cage and causing me pain.

“Phew she was only playing mind games” I think as eventually the kissing stops and the cage is removed .
The plug is sped up and inflated a bit more as the lady works on my hard cock and within a very short time I’m on the edge of orgasm and clinically she carries on working on my cock allowing me to orgasm and draining me totally.

The problem is that she isn’t stopping and my very sensitive cock is hurting as she roughly carries on and also speeds the plug up and inflates it more and I’m all over the place and wishing she would stop.

Thankfully she leaves my now very sore cock alone and just leaves the plug vibrating in me as I’m cleaned up and left to get properly soft again then I feel the cage being put back on and locked up.

My ankles are released and I’m left for a little while with my legs flapping due to the plug still vibrating inside of me and after another pump I’m helped up and guided to my bathroom and the plug is then mercifully switched off and de flated and removed and I semi collapse on the toilet .

I’m given a little while to recover my senses and then the cuffs are removed and I’m guided into my living room where I guided downwards to get onto my knees.

I feel the zip being undone on the hood
“Woohoooo I get to see the lady who has my keys ” I think as slowly the hood is removed.

Alas that is not the case because I’m on my knees in my living room facing my sofa and when I adjust to the light I see all 3 ladies sitting in front of me smiling as they motion to me to remove the ear plugs .

“Oh boy you cheated with the tape didn’t you ? ” They all say in unison ” you must have been very desperate for a release” then they laugh at that statement.

I make them all a coffee and nothing is said about my chastity apart from the odd comment from the ladies saying
“I bet your dying to know which one of it is aren’t you ?”

Knowing the rules I just nod my head and not answer verbally which makes them laugh as we chat about life in general .

After the coffee the ladies leave to go to a restaurant for dinner and leaving me still wondering.

“Who has my keys? Not only do they have my chastity keys they now have the keys to my flat . Which one if the ladies has them? Who has my keys?”


Who has my keys – part 1

A couple of months ago I went to see a Domme friend of mine for a play session and I had asked her to measure me up properly fitting for a chastity device so I could get used to wearing one long term and train myself before I meet a Mistress of my own (I had bought a couple of devices from stores but they never fitted properly and unsuitable for me to wear them long term).

Fast forward to the present day, well a couple of days ago, and I and round another Domme friends house and we are going to have a “special play session” (her words) and this time it was at her invitation and not me asking to come round .

I never ask what the session is going to entail so I don’t get too nervous when I’m driving there and when I arrive we sit and have a chat and a cuppa before the session starts though I did mention that I don’t have much play so I’ll probably be not on a par with some of the other subs she has played with for taking lots of punishment/pain and she just smiled.

Just the the doorbell goes and two of my other Domme friends have arrived,one of them was the lady I saw a couple of months ago,.

This took me by surprise but I knew them so I was relaxed about them being there though I was a bit cunfused as to what was going to happen now ,however, I was soon to find out .

“Your such a lucky boy M all 3 of us are going to play with you ” my friend says with a big smile on her face.

We go upstairs to the playroom and I strip (all ar ladies have seen me naked before at clubs ect so it wasn’t new to them) and I’m then told to lay on a small table and my hands are tied then my feet are put into stirrups with my legs spread and now they have access to all of me and all of my holes .

They start off teasing my cock and my nerves are subsiding the longer they carry on (they weren’t bad nerves but still nerves all the same ) and they could all see I was relaxed as I was brought to the edge of orgasm and they stopped .

A vibrating and expandable butt plug is inserted into my arse and I see one of the ladies pump the pump and feel it expanding inside of me then it is turned on low ad they watch me for a couple of minutes while teasing my nipples.

Then I’m blindfolded and they start to tease my cock again ,which lady is doing it ikm not sure but I have a good gues because I can hear their voices and try and work out where in the room they are , anyway to cut a long story short they take it oin turns to bring me to the edge of orgasm then stop and I’m sweating and moaning as I’m getting a bit desperate for and orgasm now and this is the longest tease and denial I have ever had .

They pump up the plug and speed the vibrations up in between the teasing sessions and all take turns in brining me to the edge again and now they are all laughing so much at my desperation for one of them to go just that little bit further and let me cum.

The plug is deflated and turned off and tape is put over my mouth to “shut me up moaning and begging”

Then in an even more surprising turn of events a set of ear plugs are placed into my ears then ear defenders placed over the top of them so I deefinately can’t hear anything,however, just before this is done I’m told that they are all going to “fuck my brains out” with strapons then after that I’m going to have my last “free” orgasm.
Then everything goes silent and all I can hear is my heart beating.

I reason with myself that what the lady said to me before putting the ear plugs in was part of a mind game and I was going to have an orgasm when they finished playing with me.
I did have an orgasm after they had all fucked me and it was a very painful one,I’ll explain.

Two of the ladies left the room and the remaining lady put on a double ended dildo .
The first lady to use her dildo on me played with my cock while she was using my arsehole and brought me to the boil and carried on abusing me untill she had orgasmed ( I know this was the case because I felt her nails digging into my legs as she was holding on and she slumped forward onto me for a little while afterwards) then she brought me to the boil again. Then she leaves the room to clean herself up.

The second lady brings me to the boil then abuses my exposed and easily accessible arsehol with her own double ended dildo whilst bringing me to thee boil again and then carries on until she has brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.
When she has recovered she brings me to the boil again then leaves to clean herself up.

The third lady just goes straight in with her dildo and brings me to the boil twice while she was fucking me and she had the largest of the dildos so far and my arse was sore but she carried on until she had her orgasm them brought me to the boil again.

My brain was all mush, I had no idea what planet I was on or anything all I wanted to do was cum I was aching all over ,I had a sore arse from being used by all 3 of them and was sweating badly however I was at the mercy of my 3 Domme friends.

They all return after a little while and take it in turns to bring me to the boil once each again then the ear defender are removed but the ear plugs are still in so I can just about hear voices ect but only faintly and the tape is ripped from my mouth .

Then someone takes hold of my cock again ,this time it felt different , and started masturbating me and oh my god I can feel my orgasm building again and she is not stopping her hand movements and I’m thankfully going to get to orgasm .
Then I felt a really sharp pain building and was getting more intense as I was getting closer to orgasm and it was a really hard thig to fathom as I was so desperate for the orgasm but I also wanted this pain that was building up inside me to go away but instead it was getting worse .

Oh my god this pain was excruciating and I was moaning in pain very loudly and I could hear the ladies laughing as I let out a massive scream as I finally have an orgasm.

I’m given a few minutes to calm down and come back to earth and they all kiss and cuddle me ,

I must have been in total spaceland as I didn’t feel them washing me and shaving my pubic hairs and I didn’t feel the metal chastity device being put on me and locked with a padlock.

I come round and can see and hear and all 3 ladies are smiling at me and hug and kiss me and I’m released from my bonds and they help me go to and get showered up and it was only during the shower did I notice the device on me .

I came out and got dry and the ladies were all downstairs.

“Would you like me naked still of shall I unlock this and get dressed?” I call down wrongly assuming this was a practical joke.
“No just get dressed and come down M ,there will be no unlocking of the device tonight ”

I come downstairs ,still thinking it was a practical joke, and am handed a cup of coffee and they check to see if I’m ok and asked if I had enjoyed the session.

I said yes and then ask who’s device I’m temporarily wearing .

They all go quiet and smile at each other.

“You’ll find that out next month ” they all say in unison then laugh at the expression on my face .
“we haven’t got to worry too much really as we know it fits perfectly cos we knew your measurements from when you visited X a couple of months ago who then ordered it straight after you ordered your one and if you ask the question again then another day will be added to your chastity…. It could be just one of us or it could be all 3 of us who has a key ”

They all laugh again and we spend the evening drinking eating and chatting with me desperate to find out who holds my keys but daren’t ask for fear of extending my time in the device and drive home with one burning question running around my head….
“Which one of the ladies holds the keys?”
Hopefully I’ll find out in a months time


Who has my keys? part3

It has been 3 weeks and 3 days since I had my last release and have had no contact with any of the ladies since and today is my first day of 3 dayshifts before going onto nights later on in the week .

It Was a normal monday at work and after having an end of shift shower I head home to another night of being alone and watching the telly.

I enter my flat as normal and then I see a typed note taped on the screen of my laptop.


I rush round and get myself ready and now I’m standing by my bed and shaking a bit as I don’t know what is going to happen .

In the minutes that pass,with my world totally dark and silent, my mind is racing “what does she mean by going to have some fun?”
“How am I going to release myself after she has gone ? ”
“OMG what happens if she uses handcuffs and I can’t release myself and I’m stuck like it ?”

Just as that thought races through my mind I feel my hands being put into metal handcuffs and I jump out of my skin because I was so distracted by the thoughts racing through my mind and I’m pushed forward so I’m bent over my bed .

I feel something being pushed into my arse hole and it doesn’t feel like my butt plug .
It is a vibrating and inflatable butt plug but it is bigger than my one and the lady (who ever she is) pumps it up and I can feel instantly it is bigger and starts it vibrating and I can feel it it more powerful already ,and that’s on the low settings.

After a few minutes of this my device is removed from my cock and I feel a hand gently start to masturbate me .
“Wow” I think “I’m being given a release in less than a month woohoo ” and I was so excited by this thought my mind was filled with total lust and orgasmic thoughts and I could feel my orgasm building and building and I’m nearly there as the lady continues to masturbate me .
Oh my god I’m so close now oh my god here we g…….. Oh no please don’t stop please please carry on please?

Just one more stroke from the ladys hand would have given me such an amazing orgasm however the lady knows me and my body and her cock so so well she stopped at the last possible moment and expertly denied my orgasm and leaves me hanging there with the new plug vibrating inside of me and waits for me to go soft.

The pump is pumped again and sped up and the lady starts to masturbate me again and I quickly get to the point where I’m going to orgasm and I’m now screaming inside for the lady to carry on and finish giving me an orgasm ,but she stopped at the same point again.

I hate this so much she knows just when to do it and I can’t do anything about it ,my mind is a puddle of lust and all I’m thinking of is how can I cum and nothing else,but I’m helpless bent over my bed with my hands cuffed behind my back and totally at the mercy of whoever is controling me.

The lady does it again for a third time and so so desperate to cum it is unbelievable and I try moving my hips to get any sort of friction to take me over the edges ,that’s how close to orgasm this lady has expertly got me to and my legs are shaking and I’m sweating and nearly sobbing in my mask and my efforts to try and get some friction are met with the plug being roughly pulled out from my arse without being deflated.

The lady cleans her cock up and replaces it into the device and I can feel the padlock click shut .
Somehow I knew this wasn’t a game this time and new I wasn’t going to get any release today.

I now feel a lubricated finger being pushed inside of me and after a minute or two this is replaced by something bigger.
The lady had lubricated me ready for her double ended dildo .
She slides it in gently at first an starts moving slowly and gently at first ,however , as she gets more and more excited she gets faster and rougher and is banging me really really hard and she brings herself to a massive orgasm and slumps onto my back with the dildo still inside of me .

The lady leaves me and undoes the harness so it is still inside of me while she goes and cleans herself up in my bathroom and half an hour later returns to me and slowly pulls the dildo out of me and goes and washes that as well.

The last thing the lady does is give my arse cheeks some really hard smacks with her hand and then I feel a draught as she leaves and closes the front door .

I’m now left bent over my bed and starting to panic as to how I’m going to get myself out of this and after a few minutes of trying and failing to get out of the cuffs I sink to my knees and start sobbing thinking I’m stuck .

Then as if my magic the cuffs come undone all by themselves and fall onto the floor and I then remove my hood and earplugs and tape.

I look at the cuffs and the are timelock ones that can be set to open whenever the person wants to and was obviously set to give me no chance of even getting a glimpse of who ever it is because she would be long gone and probably nearly out of town by now.

Totally frustrated I slump onto my bed and have a little cry to myself after looking at my cock in it’s cage and then I go to the bathroom to wash myself clean and get rid of the sweat ect I see a not on the inside of my front door.


I still don’t know who has my keys or which lady it was having her fun with me tonight …..